difficult child started her new job

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Nancy, Jul 21, 2011.

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    She was suppose to start Tuesday but we had 5" of rain during the night and all the roads were flooded and there was no electricity, so she started yesterday. She said she loves it, there is a lot to learn but she is doing well and they seem to like her. She said she is nervous about answering the phone for the first time but I told her that was normal. I had to laugh though, she was told she has to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under her scrubs to cover her tatoo on her arm. Of course I had to say I told you so and she agreed it was a stupid thing to do. Her medical benefits don't start for 90 days and I was disappointed about that but we've covered her this long so what's another three months.

    She got to come home today before work to pick up her social security card and go to the bank to get a direct deposit check.She looks so happy and professional in her scrubs. She said she is starting to do service hours for AA by picking up sponsees and drive them to meetings, and said it makes her feel good to be the one to be helping for a change.

    husband and I and oc and her boyfriend are off to Hilton Head Sunday. I feel so much better knowing she is adjusting well in her job and in a good place emotionally.

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    That is awesome! So glad to hear...
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    Sounds good. I'm so pleased for you.

    Love, Esther
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    Congratulations to you both!
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    That's wonderful, Nancy!
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    I am so excited for her. My difficult child also got a tatoo where it will show (forearm below the elbow) and I look forward to the day when I can snicker a tiny I told you so!

    FIVE inches of rain??? It pelted here for about 15 minutes around 8:00 and then we had a t-storm in the middle of the night ...but nothing even close to five inches! Sheeesh!
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    #1 fan-tastic!!!!!!!!!!
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    Awesome update. I'm especially happy that you are actually going to have a real vacation! You deserve days of lanquishing on the beach, sipping good stuff, sleeping late and doing exactly what YOU want to do. Have a fantastic time. DDD
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    It's a good start. Excellent news.