difficult child starts high school

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by 'Chelle, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. 'Chelle

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    At the time I joined here I had doubts he'd even make it this far. I got a lot of help here that helped us turn him around, and he still dislikes school, but he's going. I think I'm more worried about it than he is LOL. Just asking for a few crossed fingers and beads that he'll make it through the first little while...if he gets past Oct. he'll be ok the rest of the year (usually) LOL.

    And for all you parents of difficult child's don't do the school thing well, I'm crossing my fingers and wishing you all luck and a good school year. :reading:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Rattling beads and saying a prayer he transitions well into high school. :angel:
  3. DDD

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    You can count on me, too. The very beginning really does determine alot about how the year will go. We are "iffy" after
    two weeks. DDD
  4. busywend

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    Crossing all body parts and rattling beads!!

    My difficult child always starts out one way and ends up the complete opposite way.
  5. Kjs

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    good luck to you. Such a big step. Praying all goes well. Is he a little excited about high school?

    My difficult child is the opposite. Does great first semester. Then just can't seem to hold it together and is out of control the second semester.

    I know, how stressful it is when difficult child's do not do well in school. AGGGHHHH...do I know. Praying for you that things to well.
  6. mum2JK&TH

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    Good luck to you and difficult child! I hope his school year goes well!
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    I hope the next 4 years sail smoothly for you.
  8. Kathy813

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    Can you get your difficult child involved in any extra-curricular activites? Studies have shown that students that are involved in activites like school sports or clubs do better in high school.

    I hope that your difficult child has a great year!

  9. Nancy

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    I agree with Kathy. Sports/clubs are sooooo important for difficult child's like ours. I was so worried about high school too and got my difficult child involved in the color guard with the marching band. She liked that because it was cool twirling those big colorful flags and wearing the glittery outfits. Her freshman year was almost a disaster and the flag team was the only thing that kept her from flunking out and getting totally emmersed with the druggies.

    Get to know his school counselor, he/she can be very helpful and they appreciate knowing the parents are involved. We talked with our counselor often and even called meetings when we were worried about something.

  10. Kathy813

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    Your difficult child was one of the kids I was thinking about when I wrote my post. I remembered your posts telling us about the flag corp and how it helped your difficult child.

    I've seen being part of a club or team turn kids around.