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    so yea i'm writing about one of my stepkids finally lol.

    i'm seeing my stepdaugther tmrw for the first time in about umm ten mos. since our wedding!! the day of our wedding she drove with husband to the place we took photo's and cursed me the entire time, badmouthing me etc. than turned on the charm once it was picture time. my other step kids were soo upset. thats the kind of kid she is. she hastn' come to our home in about two years now. she says she doesnt' like me and thats' why she stopped coming.

    when she was here she abused husband and i pretty badly. she blew up, over nothing alot of times. she'd cause havoc on holidays. i mean serious havoc. we did our best to remove her each time she'd fly.

    she blows up in two seconds flat. smiling one second next shes' cursing you out. she' a vile girl. i do not like this kid. sorry it's the truth. and it seems to be shared bet. both of us. sooo why she's suddenly joining us tmrw for a holiday i have no clue!!

    i'm not too happy about it. easy child might be coming also. they do not get along at all. they used to yet they've had some fairly serious fights in the past and even in school.

    so i gotta plaster on my fake smile for tmrw. be polite. talk to her minimal. she used to curse me get out of "my" house, you don't have a job and pay zero bills here. can you imagine? she was younger than. she slapped difficult child one time years ago when i ran to the store quick.

    so im wondering why now with easy child gone is she going to weasel her way back in? i sure do hope not. i will be hating mondays and wednesdays that i now love with the 3 little ones. shes rude, attention seeking, a slob, eats everything in our home literally, shes defiant, nasty. hard to explain it's like you walk on eggshells when she's around. one holiday husband just simply took her out of the house as soon as she started, and his family well their a bunch of ding bats they usually rev her up. he brought her outside called ex who came and got her. she than flipped out on his ex and jumped out of her truck on a highway and husband had to run out again to help her.

    so god help me tmrw. is all i can say. him and i sat down and agreed if she starts her **** he puts her in truck and drives her to her house 30 min. away. if easy child starts i take her and drop her umm i dunno in middle of town?? LOL. i wish i didn't feel this way, yet i dont' even like being in her space. she is so desperate for attention and his family plays right into it. easy child will struggle tmrw if she comes. she always has around her. it's her grandparents etc. so they give stepdaughter attention whereas easy child just sits there with me. she monopolizes conversations, she texts husband all day long about how she's feeling, i dont' feel well, jens annoying, on and on she goes. UGH!

    i told him little one's holiday can't be ruined by these two i'm not having it........

    crazy right??? oh man i dont like this kid so much..... thats so bad right??
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    you guys think i'm bad talking that way about her?? LOL i can't help it she is all that i swear!! oh well hopefully tmrw will be peaceful
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    I hope it goes better than expected, Jena. I strongly believe in "plan for the worst but hope for the best."

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    Are you going to tell them both upfront "If you act bad enough we need to boot you from the celebrations you'll be dropped at the bus station with exact change to get home on."?
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    Jena, I was pretty nasty at times to my step mom. I was a good kid, but she look away my dad and he raised her 4 kids.(Thats the mind of a 16 year old at work) We saw so little of him, they got most of his time. I was jelouse-didn't know it them. I still don't like her today (She is a bossy, controlling thing), but she was what my dad needed (hate to say it). When I was a teen, I hated every word that came out of her mouth which was always a bossy thing or the opposite of what I said. I was hurting. I couldn't possibly give her a break. Can you think of her that way-as hurting (divorse hurts-Im still affected 30 years later)?

    I'm so sorry-these mixed family things are seldom pleasant-my husband helps me find the comedy every time we are forced to be with my "step" brothers and sisters.
    Your older daughter will hold her own, you try to enjoy her. Hang in there, you have had a rough go lately! Hugs
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    I like what Ms. Utah said. Your stepdau sounds like a difficult child in major mission mode. And the mission: destroy the evil woman who destroyed her family. Of course we know you had nothing to do with it, but in her mind she seems to have made you the symbol of all that has gone wrong. How difficult for everyone. Most of us are able to wrap our minds around step situations and find a way to make them work but this girl is too young and too sick I think. I too really hope your day goes better than expected! It takes time and work but there is hope for a better future. My stepsons truly like (maybe even love) me now but I had to work on my own jealousy issues to get here and they did too. Big hugs xoxo