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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Well, I let difficult child go to HIS Sunday School today. The reason being is that he and J were the only students. I told the teacher that the two were involved in a tiff and planning a fight tomorrow after school. So, the teacher spoke to both of them about fighting. The teacher is a prosecuting attorney who raised sons of his own and is very involved with the Boy Scout organization - lots of knowledge and experiences. He opened the lesson up with the question, "Is it illegal to fight?" difficult child is not sharing much of the details but feels good about the "lesson". The teacher than told them that he had heard they were planning a fight. J said he was only kidding (I told difficult child that you do not joke about that type of thing).

    I hope they both came away with some knowledge of a better way! Time will tell!
    Cool that they got to spend 45 minutes in a room together with a neutral mediator and talk about it. I know it went well because difficult child is calm, relaxed, happy. If it had not gone well, difficult child would be enraged and talking negatively about both difficult child and the teacher.
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    WOW! sounds like this is EXACTLY what both boys needed!! How lucky that they were the only 2 to show up! The teacher sounds like the best possible person to talk to them about this. No surprise that J said that he was joking - in my opinion it is a typical "out" for boys this age when they are found planning something that would get them into trouble. I never will understand how threatening to hurt someone at a specific time on a specific day is supposed to be funny, but I also don't understand why boys will try to see who can pee the farthest. Just male stuff I don't get, I guess.

    I am glad that things are worked out and no one fought or got hurt! I hope they BOTH learned a lot from this man!
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    Excellent! Hopefully problem is solved. What a great opportunity for both boys.