difficult child supposed to graduate this June

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    My difficult child is supposed to be done with school June 4th and I'm wondering if she will make it. She thinks so but this is a special needs program and there's no telling for sure if they will let her graduate without a problem. I know I could call the school but I really don't want to.
    I'm so angry over how they have failed this difficult child that I can't trust myself to speak to them on the phone again.

    I want to know if there is any possible way they can try and hold her back from graduating or getting her diploma??? Her grades are more than good and she has not missed too much school. She's had more than 7 in-school suspensions these last couple months, the last one being the other day because she called the teacher a stupid idiot.
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    If she has an IEP, she will graduate. They don't have any choice.

    When Travis was going to graduate they pulled all sorts of stunts his senior year. Attempted to say he didn't take one of his english classes......ugh, yeah he did. Attempted to not let him graduate because he didn't pass algebra 1, ok, but he passed algebra 2, geometry. So who's fault was it that he took the 2 maths beyond algebra 1 without having passed it?? Not mine.

    I didn't throw a fit. I simply told them he WAS graduating. Period. Then dug in my heels and told them they'd d*mn well better make it happen!

    They didn't pull this stunt until the last quarter of his senior year by the way.:mad: School counselor nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to make it happen. Finally algebra 1 was forgotten because he'd passed the 2 other math classes beyond it and that gave him his required math credits. Drama (which here counts as an english class) was substituted for your average english class. And the boy graduated.

    In fact he graduated on the honor roll.

    Here they can't prevent any student with an active IEP from graduating on time, regardless. I'm betting it's probably the same where you are........just no one wants you to know it. They never liked that I knew such things. lol They used to literally run and hide from me when they saw me coming. :tongue:

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    I'd call the person at the school you hate the least and find out. Rob got in a lot of hot water his last week of school and almost didn't graduate...call them and set your mind at ease (don't tell your daughter, though or she might stop trying altogether!).

    Good luck!