difficult child to be paroled in may

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rejectedmom, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Got a letter today from him. He says he had his parole hearing and will be released next month pending him finding approved housing. He says he is looking into sober houses. husband is going to send him info on the mission farm I used to volunteer for years ago before I moved here. difficult child will remain in the state he is in and will probably reside about a half hour from here. I am putting out good vibes that three (incarcerations) is the charm and difficult child will manage to stay out of trouble this time. Please send good vibes out for my difficult child that he makes it this time. -RM
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    SEnding good vibes that 3 times did the trick, and glad there is some tme to plan for hs release. hugs
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    Praying he has grown and learned.....keeping good vibes for finding appropriate housing and for his future progress.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    I've been thinking about you and difficult child. Basically I sat down last night at dinner after hearing Recovering Enablers story and thought about her success with her daughter and the fact that I wished my prayers had had something to do with it, then realized I really have this blanket-prayer for all our kids, but think in my mind about all of them at dinner time when I really set my mind to prayers for my own son and family. It really doesn't seem like enough when I think about it here for an individual request. So when you take the time now to think about a man child you've never met? It's near comical to me because I find myself asking for the same things in prayer for your son that I do for mine. Light a fire under his ****, make him see the things that I see in him that are so good, let him find his way, keep him safe, hold him in YOUR hands, let his head be open to new ideas, but don't let his brain fall out. Give him peace of heart, mind and soul - let him succeed. Keep him away from drugs and alcohol. Just let this be the one time his path isn't so tumultuous---please, let our family be a family with small issues. Don't let him be a dumba@@, Please let him make good choices. Maybe a job, a little home, security. A good woman to guide him - a Godly woman who doesn't take his baloney. And by the time I'm done asking for those few things and thanking Him for everything else he's allowed him to experience and live and survive? And remembering all the other children here and their problems and their parents? My food is cold again, and I swear I don't think I would know how to eat a hot meal. Or one without a few tears.,,,,,of hope.

    So just know today that I did think of you, and your son. I wish him all the success in the world, as I do all the kids in our family. I'll keep thinking of him as often as "fritz" allows me to on an individual basis and just know that he's in a blanket prayer every night...as are you and everyone that is here on the Board.

    Hugs & Love
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    RM.....I will keep your son in my prayers. I have heard that parole is really hard so I will keep him in my thoughts extra.
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    Good vibes being sent his way!
  7. recoveringenabler

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    Sending truckloads of good vibes and prayers for him to fly right this time. And,(((((((HUGS))))))) to Mom.............
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    Thenk you everyone for your hugs and good wishes, vibes and prayers; it means so very much to me.

    To our dear Star who writes and prays so eloquently, thank you for putting into words what all of us wish and pray for here on this board. We are indeed a family who prays and hopes and crys and rejoyces together. You are absolutly correct everything that I pray for my son I also pray for every difficult child and family here on the board.

    To Janet, I know parole is hard and difficult child hasn't done well up to now but this time I am putting out only positive energy. I'm not even thinking about what could go wrong. I am hoping the universe will take all that positive I and my board friends put out there and multiply it a thousand fold and direct it right back at my son.
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    I do the same as Star, only mine is in the gym. With arthritis starting in my hip I can only use the bike and it is easy to mediatate. I had the same thoughts because mine is sort of a blanket prayer, and everyday it's sort of the same prayer. How many different ways can you word it?
    With all of us sending love and compassion into the Universe it has to help.

    RM, my difficult child has 3 felonies and he barely escaped prison, he was in jail for lengthy stays. I don't know where their head is at when they pull the stunts to land them in trouble, but they do appear to mello out and think a little more when they are about 25.

    (((prayers for us all)))
  10. 1905

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    Hi, I'm sending good vibes to you and your difficult child. Even the bad experiences in life we can learn from, I hope and pray he learned what he does not want- the life he had been living. It will be a new begining...peace and love to you.
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    Thank you Tired and Upallnight. My difficult child can learn...sometimes. Apparently he didn't like his first taste of a state level prison. Maybe this was one of those times he has mastered the lesson he was presented with. His parole will last 5 years. A long time for a difficult child but I'm holding positive thoughts. -RM