difficult child to camp!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Loony Smurf, Jul 16, 2014.

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    The hardest to deal with child in my household was able to go to a special needs camp for the week. I feel terribly guilty for this, but OMG it's soooo peaceful and less stressful, for all of us. It makes me realize how much of a drain he is on all involved. The bitterness and animosity from the other kids towards him is painful to see, and also the high stress levels and frustration they have in trying to deal with him. This is a much needed respite. Sadly though, everyone is dreading his return :( It's unbelievable how much energy and attention this kid takes, Neither of us are working right now because it honestly takes both of us to deal with him, supervise him, and keep the peace between him and the other kids. *sigh*
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    It really is a shame. We have the same issue here. We truly didn't miss having difficult child in our home for a year. Now she is back and so is the drama.
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    Loony Smurf,
    I totally understand. My son has now aged out of summer camps but they were a major source of respite for years!!! Even though he only went to day camp (every Thursday night was a sleepover) it gave us time to recharge (my husband and I are both teachers so we are home in the summer). Even though difficult child hated going it was mostly the thought of going because he had a blast and we had respite.

    Now he is going to start working weekends which will be another source of respite for us!
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    I hear you! I loved it when my son went to camp!
    by the way, beware of the coming-home-transition-meltdown. Bad stuff if your difficult child isn't good with-transitions.
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    Our difficult child is off to camp this Sunday for 3 weeks!! I'm going to try very hard not to feel guilty and you should too. It's good for them and us. I intend to enjoy every minute! In fact I might not sleep, so I have more minutes to enjoy!! LOL.