difficult child took double dose of Abilify last night

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    My 9 yo difficult child has been doing very well on Abilify after switch from Risperdone 2 months ago. She was invited to a sleepover at a friend's home nearby. difficult child's dad was home, and I was out with little sister. I had a ziplock with her medications all ready to go, but it didn't make it into her overnight bag, so I took with me to drop it off on way home from dinner.

    Friend's mom told to difficult child to run home and ask Dad for medications (friend's mom knew about ziplock). He ADMINISTERED medications, misunderstanding her. Later, I dropped ziplock of medications at friend's house. Mom did not know daughter had actually been DOSED, and gave her the medications.

    difficult child called me to say goodnight and said she took 2 doses by accident. (I think she was just too excited to be at sleepover...very rare occurrence.)

    I immediately called poison control. They told me to watch her, but due to dosage and length of time she has been on, not to worry too much. I brought her home from sleepover (boy was she MAD!!!!) and she tumbled into bed, crying, but fell asleep quickly. I stayed with her for nearly an hour after.

    What might we expect behaviorally today?
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  2. Bumping because I could really use an answer...pretty please???? (I'm not afraid to beg.)
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    Hang in there, week ends are slow around here, you're not being ignored. I wish I could answer your question but have no experience of double dosing abilify. Just wanted you to know that you weren't being ignored.
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    What is the dose of Abilify? And did you see any side effects when she started on the Abilify or when (if) the dose has been increased? We have not accidentally double dosed Abilify, but we did increase the dose (which meant doubling it) and saw no adverse effects. If it's a low dose, I wouldn't be too concerned, but you could always call the pharmacy to ask.
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    Sorry I have no experience with that Rx but I have had to watch over difficult children who double dosed on other medications. If there are side effects....you will see them. I slept in the same room on the floor just to make sure nothing happened with-o my knowledge. Good luck. DDD
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    I would call your pharmacy and ask them. My daughter took double Lexapro one time and they were very helpful.
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    I haven't ever had experience that with Abilify. One time difficult child did accidentally get two doses of the Clozapine. I also called poison control and his psychiatrist. Both were very helpful and said he should be fine, just to watch, and I think we skipped his morning dose the next day.
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    It may make her a little sleepy, but I do not think anything else will happen.
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    I'm thinking sleepy, but not much else. My son gained weight on it but it did not have any effect, good or bad, so we took him off of it.
    I'm sure she'll be fine. Glad you called poison control. Best to be on the safe side!
  10. Thank you everyone for your calming words.

    difficult child slept in until 9:45 this morning, and she was fine today. Tomorrow, I'm buying a daily pill minder at Target.
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    Glad all went well! I use the daily pill containers now and love them. I just finished filling difficult child's and mine for the week! husband and easy child/difficult child do their own:)
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    Those pill-minders... have saved my sanity literally hundreds of times. Well worth every penny... and usually, it is just "pennies" (a buck or two is all I spent for each of us)
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    Glad it's all good. :)
    Sometimes we need a little scare like that to wake us up. been there done that.
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    Found this late, and wouldn't have been able to help. Love those pill minders! We have the big one that holds 4 doses a day for a week at a time, so I can tell at a glance if she's missed a dose. I don't know about double dosing Abilify but man if she misses that dose... not good, sooooo not good.
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    I just wanted to say... Pill minders are awesome. Though mine made me think I was losing my mind last week...