difficult child turns 12

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Jun 16, 2009.

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    today! He is so excited! He got a new DS and is waiting for it to charge right now. We started working on the initial set-up. Poor thing, I get so frustrated with him because he still isn't reading and needs guidance every step of the way. The frustration comes in because he is so rude and mean when he doesn't understand something. I know this is because of his own frustration with himself but I am so done with his rudeness. I've told him even though it is his birthday it's not a free pass to be rude today.

    The other thing he is excited about is now that he is 12 he gets to start working out at the health club. He can't wait-don't know how long it will last but he can definitely use some fitness! We set up an appointment for difficult child (not required) for someone to go over the rules of behavior at the club. We want him to start off on a good foot.

    Of course, now husband and I are glad he will be working out but worried our stress relief will be gone. We are thinking eventually of going while he is at day camps and then taking him at night so that we are still able to get in our work outs.

    One more thing he is excited about is that he gets to start riding around in the front seat of the car when only two are in the car (we've told him when husband and I are in the car, we're still in the front seat).

    Hoping this day will be a good one for him (it's hard to think of him as 12-he was such a peanut when we brought him home at 4 pounds)!
  2. Kjs

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    Happy Birthday to difficult child. Hope he has a Great Day !!
  3. DaisyFace

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    12 is big! No more "little kid" meals at the restaurant or kiddie rides at the fair!

    Happy Birthday, difficult child!!

  4. Jungleland

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    Happy Birthday, difficult child! Aly turned 12 last week and also got a DS!

    About the work outs, when we were living in another county, our wrap around services paid for Aly to have a membership to the fitness club they are associated with. It was awesome! They had a huge rock climbing wall and many other cool things for kids to do. She begged to go all the time and was not the least bit of a problem while there. fingers crossed that your difficult child will get as much out of it as ours did!

    Hugs, Vickie
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    Happy Birthday! Looks like you get to update the signature! Yay!
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    Happy birthday, difficult child! easy child turned 12 last month. It's a big milestone.

    Hope you all have fun today!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY difficult child! Just 1 more year to the official "teens", although I suspect difficult child has started early. Hope he enjoys his day without getting too excited.
  8. KTMom91

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    Hope he has a great day!
  9. Fran

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    The years are going fast. Happy Birthday to your difficult child.
  10. Sheila

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    And another Happy Birthday to difficult child.

    Condolescenses to you -- the terrible teen phase is not pretty. lol
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    Happy birthday to difficult child ~ the years (good or bad) are flying by. As Sheila noted, he's soon into the teen antics.

    (PS: don't let difficult child sit in the front seat - just don't. I learned my lesson from both of the tweedles. Just not worth it. )