difficult child turns 18 today!

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  1. difficult child has his 18th birthday today, and he experienced his first day of college yesterday. That's a lot for one week!

    easy child has moved back home, as his lease was up at his shared apartment near his university , and he's working to finish up his Master's thesis. Fingers crossed here.... it's been difficult for him as he doesn't get along well with one of his advisers. He has also decided to "take on" difficult child as a project. He hasn't said so, but I can see it in action. He's giving difficult child rides back and forth to school . difficult child is not interested in getting his liscense now, and that's a good thing. He knowingly says that he's afraid he will get horribly lost and confused if he tries to drive right now.

    easy child just called and said that he took difficult child to one of his (easy child's) favorite places for lunch today. difficult child who refuses meat and hates restaurants, reportedly ate a hamburger. Oh , the power of an older brother! I'm trying not to get too excited about this new development. The guys have five years of age difference - and they are really different people. easy child may soon tire of his new project. But , for now, I am just thrilled by their budding relationship.

    It's nice to have good news to report every now and then...

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    Valerie, those are big rites of passage. I hope your difficult child takes to school. It will be a good place to meet folks with similar interest. easy child and difficult child bonding is a good thing. This is one of those places I disengage. It's between the two of them to grow a friendship as young adults.
    Would he consider joining a young adult social group for AS kids? Or if he has an interest in anime, there are groups who get together. Anything that let's them put their toe into a world where they don't feel invisible. I tried anything and everything to keep difficult child engaged in social appropriate behavior.

    PS: if difficult child didn't have a GPS he probably wouldn't drive around the block. He keeps all the addresses regardless if he knows how to get there alone. He is using a tool to help himself be a bit more independent.