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    Been gone a long time regarding difficult child postings. He is now officially a High School Junior. Report card came yesterday. He was SOOOO close to honor roll.

    He needs 10 credits for graduation over the next two years. He earns 8 credits a year. So next year he talked to his principal and the plan is taking English on E-School. That is actually a district school here. His principal is a big supporter of E-school. He has to meet bench marks, and is in contact with the teacher daily. All tests are given at the physical location of the school here in town. Teachers are all local district teachers.

    So the other schedule perk is he gets early release. Two classes at school. Yippee.
    There is a shuttle bus from the District school a block away to his school at the times needed. He won't start school until 9:30 and he will be out at 1pm.

    The criteria for him to get this schedule was: No office referrals the last quarter. And must maintain 70% or better. difficult child is MUCH capable of straight A's. But he tends to NOT do homework, make unneeded comments and sleep during class. When it gets close to the end of the quarter he figures out exactly what he needs to do to pass with a D. This time I didn't check online grades, I didn't do anything. He KNEW what he had to do for this schedule. I didn't think he would do it. He was SO proud of himself. It was nice to see.

    He is finishing up Drivers Ed tonight. Has had his Learners Permit for a week. He doesn't seem real interested in driving. He does some times and other times he says no. Seems to stay off the main streets where there are two lanes in each direction. Not going to push him at all. He can take all the time he needs to feel comfortable.

    He has his days. Taking his medications and going through EMDR therapy.

    I am working a long way away from home. As of June 7th, my position has been outsourced. I took a job with the outsourcing company. I stayed with my sister for two weeks. This week I am going to drive. I just want to be home. Good news is that I only work 3 days a week. But that schedule hasn't happened yet. Training..yuk! Working a lot. Night shift. And OMG...drive in Chicago at 7am. Even going TO work at 4:30 in the afternoon Six lanes of traffic at a complete stop.
    but, it's a job. Hope I will begin to like it.

    Hope everyone has a great, safe, happy summer.
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    Good to hear from you! It's great to hear that difficult child is doing so well! My easy child/difficult child is another who doesn't care much for driving. She's had her permit almost a year and barely has driven but she is taking her test in August.

    Your schedule sounds exhausting! Hugs.