difficult child wearing other's clothes

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mstang67chic, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Does anyone else have problems with this? difficult child seems to think that if there are clothes out where he can get at them, they are fair game no matter who they belong to. He will wear anyone's clothes even if they only remotely fit (or even if they don't). He's worn my jeans, shirts, socks (even the ones with the pink on the toes so I know they are mine), husband's shirts, pants (which is a neat trick as he is considerably larger than difficult child), socks AND even husband's underwear. So far, the only things he hasn't worn are my underthings. Seriously. This has been an issue since difficult child was big enough to do this but lately it's gotten a lot worse and I don't know what to do about it. Obviously, there are things that we wouldn't mind him wearing if he simply ASKED but he doesn't do that. If he sees it, decides he wants to wear it, he just takes it. If you're lucky, you notice before he's done anything to the article of clothing (he's slit my jeans up the seams at the ankles and also cut holes in them). But even then, you have to wash whatever it is at least a couple of times to get the difficult child funk out of it because his personal hygeine is so "great". He has plenty of clothes of his own even though most of them are dirty because he doesn't do his laundry. (Although he will not hesitate to throw something in the dryer to freshen it up even when there are clean clothes of mine/husband's in there.) I quit doing his laundry a few years ago because A) he's old enough to do it himself and B) he will change clothes 3,4 sometimes 5 times a day and I refuse to do that much.

    Any experience with this or suggestions? It's driving me nuts. We can't seem to keep ANYTHING of ours out in the open without it being fair game. :grrr:
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    I used to make my daughter pay for the use of my clothing. It was $1.00 for pants; $1.50 for tops; $.50 for socks. If I deemed it unwearable by me, it was replacement cost. A few times of having to pay got the message across and she more or less quit. She still does it occasionally but now it is usually more a confusion if we have similar tops.
  3. Star*

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    EVERYONE!!!!! Wear dresses and pantyhose!

    - I obviously have no suggestions - I gave up that battle a long time ago for many many others.

    Sorry I am no help!
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    Sew heart and butterfly patches on the back pockets of your jeans.

    Only wear really blousey blouses.

    Socks - pink. Or bobby socks.
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    I am convinced that someone is wearing my clothes but...that would seem to be impossible in my house...lol. I am the only female here and I also wear pretty much female clothing. Its all fairly noticeably female.

    Cory is bad for taking his older brothers shirts without asking because he likes big shirts. I dont think he is running around in my ladies Just My Size bra and panties and tee shirts yet...lol. That would be a sight to see. He is six foot tall and weighs about 165. He wears about a size 34 mens jean. I on the other hand wear a size 26/28! Dont think my clothes would fit too well. LMAO.
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    Maybe go through his clothes so he only has 7 noticeably HIS outfits. Wearing anythign else? Strip and go put your own clothes on.

    If hygeine is an issue don't go anywhere with him. Some girl will tell him he stinks. Girls that age are just mean. Guys may not even notice.

    No other ideas. NONE of my kids until Jess ever wore my clothes. thank you will once in a while grab a tshirt to sleep in, but ALWAYS his dads, if he suspects it is mine he can't get it off afst enough, LOL!!

    Jess and I are in clothing wars. She doesn't want to do laundry. I odn't want to tackle her 4 foot tall pile of laundry. If it doesn't completely cover her hind end, no wearing it out of the house, don't care about style or comfort. She can always wear a dress! Evil mommy, she HATES dresses except for bed.

    Conversely to my 1st suggestion, lock all your and husband's clotes in your room, as soon as they are done in the dryer. Put a lock on the laundry if he isn't using it right. Needs a key to get to the machines if your clothes are in htem. He can always go to a friend's or the laundrymat or a thrift store for new clothes.

    Just ideas. Hugs,

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    If this is a matter of not having clean clothes, then I would tell him he can't go out with friends (or whatever social activity he enjoys) until his laundry is done. Treat it as you would any other household chore.

    My kids used to sneak into our closets on occasion when their clothes were all dirty. But, they didn't make a habit of it ... and they never destroyed anything.

    Sounds like a boundary issue to me. Draw the line in the sand and be ready to dispense consequences when he crosses.