difficult child went scuba diving

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    I was worried about his anxiety. He was wonderful. Loved it. Said it was such a neat feeling. We were there and watched.

    Teacher who organized this spoke to us a long time. difficult child really likes him and his wife. Both teachers. He organizes outdoor activities for the school. Through Boy Scouts of America. That way insurance is in place.

    They do something every month. In April they are going rock climbing. They have many instructors and it is one on one. All about saftey.

    They are restoring a sailboat. They start that next week. He has taken kids as far as New Mexico camping and hiking. Planning a trip for NEXT summer to the Florida keys to sail a boat in the Ocean. difficult child said he won't do that.

    But he really likes difficult child. Says he has a lot of good ideas. SAid he knows he has other issues at school, but frankly he doesn't care what they are. He is a good kid. I told him to continue to encourage difficult child, he likes these kind of things.

    On Tuesday's teachers and students go bowling after school. Transportation, bowling, pizza $4.00.

    On Thursday's they go to the health club and play dodgeball. Teachers too. Free.

    And difficult child wants to give it all up and go to the district school????

    Maybe today it will be different.

    We were arguing about school/homework, different school. He said I don't care and think he can't acheive anything. He has come in early and stayed late every day this week and I don't care. (he wouldn't have to do this if he DID his work to begin with)

    I asked him if he got my message on Myspace. He said no. I told him to check it. I sent it at 1am. I know he goes on Myspace every morning.
    I told him to read it outloud. He did, he cried.

    "difficult child I am so proud of you. I know how hard you are working. I love you"

    Praying for a better day.
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    I was just looking for something and saw this.
    What a wonderful post KJS!
    How cool to do the Scuba Diving! I would love to do this.
    It does seem crazy for him to want to give up the School doesn't it?
    At least your e-mail touched him.
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    I'm choked up reading this. I'm glad you had that moment with your difficult child. Sounds like the scuba diving was great too!
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    Oh, what a wonderful note! He is doing so well. And so sweet about the MySpace note.
    I am a Scuba diver. Haven't gone in yrs, but it was fun when I went. You really need to have your wits about you, but you're relaxed at the same time.
    Was he in a pool? A lake? The beach?

    Thanks for the update!