difficult child went to school today!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Without much of a fight!! I wish I could say that she had a moment of clarity, and it is a permanent change, but no such luck. easy child is home visiting, and she went with me to take difficult child to school. And when difficult child pulled the I can't do it, all easy child had to say was "yes you can, now go into school" and off difficult child went. I wish I had that sort of influence. I told easy child I was going to make a life size cutout of her, and have various recordings made that I can play. It is so frustrating. But, she went into school on her own. I only need 5 more days of this until Thanksgiving break.
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    I hear the relief in your voice! I'm remembering that my easy child, who is about 3 yrs. older than difficult child, used to be able to influence him when they were younger, when I hit a wall, too. Congratulations.
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    Would it help if easy child could call difficult child before school? Maybe difficult child could write letters to easy child a couple times a week after school to tell how the day went and if there is anything she is facing that she is nervous about such as a test or mean kids.

    building that relationship might help difficult child a lot!

    When Diva was away for college, I made a advent basket for her. 24 items gift wrapped for her to open one each day before Christmas. They were very inexpensive items such as a box of Kleenex or hot cocoa, cough drops, fun sticky notes, pair of socks, a candy bar, etc. Several items from the dollar store and trial sized stuff. Maybe difficult child would like to help put something like this together. On days she goes to school easy child can tell her which item she opened.

    A similar basket for difficult child that she can open one only if she goes to school that day may get her through Christmas.
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    Andy that is a great idea!! What is it with our easy child's being so good at communicating with our difficult child's? Jane, you are very right. THe sigh that I let out when she got out of the car on her own was amazing. I didn't have to call into the building to have an escort take her in. That alone was a relief. I do expect that tomorrow we will be back to the same old same old. easy child is leaving in just a few minutes to make the drive back to school. I am selfishly sad that she is leaving. But, she will be at my mom's for Thanksgiving, so we will get to see her then.
    With everthing going on right now, I know that getting my difficult child into a school building is minor to most people, but this is how we started last year, and every morning I wake in a panic that we will be heading back to the psychiatric hospital, and have another year like we have already had.
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    I am so happy for you. Any day that you get through without difficult child putting up a fight about something is a good day.

    It's amazing how much an older easy child can help to get a difficult child to do the things that a parent can't get them to do. If easy child would be willing to help, I would recruit her to help in any way that she can.