difficult child went to therapist. Thank you

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    I delurked recently. I think I finally did it because I was worn out and did not know how to move forward. I so appreciate the immediate support I got. It gave me what I needed to to get back in there strong.

    I knew that we had an unusual evening therapist appointment late in the week. difficult child refuses to go so husband and I have been going. We would need to get a sitter for an evening appointment. But I thought I would try it again with difficult child so about a week before I told her about the appointment and asked if she would be willing to go with me. She did not immediately scream at me! She never said yes but asked if she had to stay the whole time (no) and did she have to talk (no). I told her what it would earn her in the token economy to go. I brought it up a couple of times during the week telling her it was totally up to her and although she said she was not going I actually knew from the tone of her response that she would go. So when the appointment time came she went with me! She shut down when we arrived, went in the building but would not go into therapist office, but went to the playroom. therapist was great! Engaged her in playroom and then got her to come in the office. Just showed her around, did a craft, built rapport.

    therapist talked to me when difficult child was in playroom at end and said that difficult child coming in was HUGE! therapist is willing to see her once a week and to schedule appts outside her usual hours in the next couple of weeks if I can get difficult child to come in. difficult child was great afterwards and did not meltdown and actually slept in her own room that night.

    Of course, this is just one step. We were leaving for a trip two days later and I thought I was going to have to cancel because she tantrumed so hard the night before and morning of. Even in the car I thought we would have to turn around but then she finally fell asleep and when she woke up it was like a switch had been flipped. Poor thing I know it is her anxiety.

    So thank you all. Your replies to my delurking gave me the motivation/strength to try to get her to the therapist.
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    How wonderful that you can actually exhale. I hope this is a sign of positive steps to come. DDD
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    Sounds like you both did a great job. I is a start, but progress is a nice feeling.
    Remember that trips are very hard on our kids. Being away from home and off of their normal schedule can send them into a tizzy, so to speak.
    For a lot, anger and ODD like symptoms is how they react, out of confusion from emotions they do not understand.
    Both of my kids can only travel for about 2 days and that is with lots of therapies in place.

    My husband and relatives are just starting to get it after years! LOL
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    :bravo: What a huge step! I hope it is leading you down the path toward some help for difficult child.
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    Good for your daughter! Here's to continued success with therapy and in helping her to deal with anxiety. It sure helps to have a good therapist on board, doesn't it?