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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, May 21, 2011.

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    so my difficult child wrote a letter, to a network t.v. show no less. gotta love that kids' spirit. she has been watching a show on t.v. lately that depicts this one girl she happens to like as having bipolar. they make this girl seem absolutely insane.

    it really gets upset to watch it. she gets offended and said to me am i like that? i said no ofcourse not. so we discussed the show storyline at length.

    she said well i am writing a letter to the network this is b.s. that they are sterotyping what "bipolar" is and what it looks like. i'm also enclosing a letter of the famous minds poets, historians, etc who have bipolar.

    go difficult child go! had to share this! my little girls' growing up
  2. HaoZi

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    No clue what she's watching, but proud of her!
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    Very interesting. An activist at an early age! She is learning what Hollywood is all about--making a buck at everyone else's expense. Doesn't matter what's real. (Disney does it, too. We're still looking for that waterfall where Pocahantas lived.)
    Kudos to her.
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    Good for her Jena !!! She does have a great spirit and tenacity ! I also think Disney stinks Terry ... They make all the girls in their programs grouchy, cocky, little brats ...
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    show is victorious i just asked her. i loved that she got upset about it yet did something about it. self advocating, speaking up for other bipolar ppl, etc.... just all around great attitude. :)

    mind you this is not an every occurance lol........ like i had to say that
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    KUDOS! She's accomplished more than I have. I have yet to get my letter out over TBS's poor advertising grammar "Less commercials" UHG.

    DD1 watches that show too, I'll have to pay more attention to it. (I watch the kids' shows with one eye and one ear)
  7. ML

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    You should be so proud of her. Manster and I have watched that show but we've not seen that episode.
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    When you see something that upsets you, a healthy response includes taking control of the situation and trying to bring about change. I find it interesting that difficult child would respond this way; from what you have posted over the last year or more, I have felt that difficult child was very much an individual who needs to assert her own control. This is one more way to do so, but at least it is a productive way to channel her energy and concerns.

    I really hope she gets a considered, individual response from them. It will be good payoff for her. She needs to learn to apply controls productively and positively, in order to move forward from here. Maybe make a poster for her - "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

    One word of caution - my kids wrote a letter of complaint to one of our TV networks but because they did it on the computer and printed it, the network did not believe that kids wrote the letter. From a child, hand-written tends to be believed more.