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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Dec 4, 2011.

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    difficult child 2 is the cook in the house. His obsession with rules makes him perfect for this job. He NEVER leaves the kitchen while he's cooking and he is forever stirring. Yea, it CAN be funny to watch.

    Anyhow, difficult child 1 was hungry for noodles this morning (I know...weird) and he asked difficult child 2 to make some for him. He said no so difficult child 1 asked if he'd teach HIM to make them. I'm thinking this will be interesting so I lurk near the doorway. difficult child 2 fills the pan with water while difficult child 1 goes out of the room to "calm down" (nothing had happened to need it but oh well). I told difficult child 2 not to do anything more since difficult child 1 wanted him to TEACH him and he can't teach him if difficult child 1 isn't even in the room. difficult child 1 comes back in the kitchen so difficult child 2 tells him where to set the burner and how much of the noodles he should pour into the measuring bowl. Then, while they wait for the water to come to a boil, difficult child 1 leaves the kitchen saying "I'll check it in a little bit". He goes in the other room to watch tv. difficult child 2's chin dropped to the floor. This is NOT how it's done. But, he holds his tongue. After about 4 minutes, he goes to tell difficult child 1 he needs to stir the noodles now. difficult child 1 comes back, stirs a little and asks difficult child 2 what he's suppose to do next. difficult child 2 tells him they have to cook for 6 more minutes. difficult child 1 says he likes them this way (anyone want to say IMPATIENT). difficult child 2 gets all confused and explains to difficult child 1 how to drain the noodles. difficult child 1 leaves the room after draining them and adding butter to eat in the dining room. difficult child 2 comes up to me and says "He's never gonna learn how to cook". I just laughed because difficult child 2 is right. difficult child 1 better make sure he has a darned good job because I only see 3 options for his future: 1) he can eat out every meal, 2)get married young to someone who does know how to cook, or 3)die of starvation. Ohhhhh Noooooo..... I just thought of a 4th option.....He could live with me all his life.... NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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    Thank you! You just gave me a very good laugh this morning!
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    I can picture every second of it, and please no, not living with you all of his life. I expect both of us to join parent E some day and maybe we can plan a tropical cruise.... lol

    by the way, q has eaten crunchy noodles at times when he wont be patient
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    Sometimes I think that is only a dream. There are times where I really believe that he will be living with me all his life. He's not "disabled enough" to get any kind of independent living services but not "typical" enough to live on his own. So unless the rules change, I don't see many choices.

    I WILL keep dreaming though.

    Only parents of difficult children can see the extreme humor in this. Glad I could share it (it was too funny NOT to).
  5. InsaneCdn

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    Once upon a time, there was a house with 4 young fellows living in it.
    NONE of them were parent-certified for living on their own.

    - one knew how to cook
    - one knew how to do dishes and tidy the kitchen
    - one knew how to do laundry
    - and one could clean a washroom "good enough for a Dutch housewife".

    So... they ate well, with good enough hygene to get through the week.

    The rest of the house? well... after a couple of months, one of them finally figured out it might be a good thing to get a vacuum cleaner....

    The point being... its amazing how creative young adults can get when it comes to survival skills.
  6. TeDo

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    Good point Insane. I really do hope that but, at the same time, I'm not holding be breathe. Know what I mean??
  7. AnnieO

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    LOL - Jett loves to cook, but... He will start something cooking and leave it. Which means I've saved his bacon in the nick of time (well, not bacon, usually macaroni or flat cheese sandwiches).

    ...He's up for cleaning the microwave this weekend. Made rice. Need I say more?
  8. TeDo

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    I hear ya Step. That's why, to save my own sanity, I've never even considered teaching difficult child 1 how to cook. He's fine with it and strongly encourages difficult child 2 to cook and compliments him all the time about it. They compliment each other nicely. The funniest part of the whole scenario is difficult child 2's responses to the whole situation. It was rather comical.
  9. InsaneCdn

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    TeDo... keep in mind that these fellows were mid-to-late 20s... They knew the limits of their domestic knowledge...!

    My bro and wife had an interesting relationship. She hated cooking... and he hated doing dishes. Voila! he cooked all the time, and she cleaned up all the time, and both were fine with that.