difficult children do grow up

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    Thanks to my difficult child 2, I have a new, working water heater. I discovered the old one leaking in my basement on Saturday so he took me to buy a new one at Menards (OK, I did pay for the water heater, the gas, and dinner) and then Sunday he came and installed it. Saved me a pretty penny. There are times I'd still like to wring his neck but he is very helpful about things like that. We are do-it-yourselfers here but I probably wouldn't try to install an electric water heater by myself. Thank heavens he knew how to do it, and did it.
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    NOW THAT is a change! :no1mom:WONDERFUL to hear you can take a hot shower after spending time with difficult child...lol.

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    That is awsome. There has to be SOME pay off for all you put into a kid right??? LOL
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    Reading this in the morning is a great way to begin the day:D! SFR