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  1. Andy

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    So, with school starting, what do our difficult children plan on growing up to be?

    When easy child was about 4 yrs old, she was going to grow up to be a boy so that she could be a fire fighter. I had a talk with her that she could be anything she wanted to be, even if she was not a boy (or maybe because she was a girl). As she got older, plans changed to being an elementary teacher.

    difficult child is going to start a new car company with cars named after constellations. He is also going to open up a HUGE mall called "Downtown" with advertising, "Why go downtown when you can go Downtown". Each store front is going to state what they are selling - no more "Kohls" or "Footlocker", ect. It is going to have seperate stores for each item, "Shoes", "Toys", "Clothes". Then of course, if these plans do not work out, he will settle on being a bank examiner like his dad.

    I like to hear the plans of our children. For those who are not open to telling you, let us know what occupation you see your difficult child doing.

    I would like my easy child to take her dream one step forward to be a speech therapist - she is so good with phonics and language.

    After my conversation with the political party fundraiser yesterday, I think there is a place in telemarketing for all our difficult children. Just pretend you are talking to your mom or dad and get that money out of them!
  2. Shari

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    easy child 2 has no concept of ever having to support herself. If you ask her, she has no idea. (and truly doesn't)
    difficult child 2 wants to be one of everything, changing daily, if not hourly. At this point, I will pleased if he's a cook at McDonald's.
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    easy child is not the college type - at least not at this stage in his life. Trade school, sure. He'll end up doing something with cars. I've known that for a long time. He recently had a new radio put in his car and was fascinated by how adept the guy was at doing it. I see him doing something with modifying cars. And he'd be really good at it. He thinks outside the box.

    difficult child is nowhere near done cooking yet. But, I see her fighting for the underdog. She has a lot of strength and passion that she hasn't realized yet.
  4. Hound dog

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    Travis wanted to be an astronaut. Since that wasn't gonna happen, he wanted to be a computer geek.

    Travis grew up to be one heck of a computer geek. :D

    Nichole wanted to be a Criminal Mastermind. For years she made plans. And everytime she mentioned it, I'd tell her with security measures the way they are now, she'd have to get a college degree to be successful. :rofl:

    Nichole now dreams of being a Paramedic. She will be starting her paramedic courses at the end of Sept. :D
  5. Wiped Out

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    My easy child has switched what she wants to be so many times, from vet, interior designer, microbiologist, to who knows what? One thing she does know is she never wants to have to work in a cubicle!

    As for difficult child, he wants to be a policeman, a pro football player, in the army, a pro basketball player. Who knows what he will end up doing? We always have said if he could get his mental health and learning issues under control he would be a great sales person. He would be a real go-getter!
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 1 wants to be a game tester or perhaps a game designer for Game Freak or Nintendo. Big surprise. I see him doing well as some kind of mechanical engineer. He's great at fixing things and putting things together -- loves complicated Lego sets and other kinds of models, snap circuits (lets you make electronic stuff like a buzzer, radio, etc.)

    difficult child 2, depending on which way the wind is blowing, wants to be a herpetologist, or a geologist, or entomologist. I'll just be happy if he learns how to make friends and keep them!

    easy child/difficult child 3 wants to live on a farm with lots of different animals, or own a pet shop. Her grandmother's worried she'll become a PETA vegan and we'll see her one day on TV getting handcuffed. She's a very good artist for her age and I'd love for her to develop that further, but I don't want to push. She's also got a gift for writing, so maybe that will become something she pursues. Whatever she chooses, I know she'll be very passionate about it -- because DRAMA is all she knows!

    When husband grows up, he wants to own a golf course. Keep dreamin', honey!

    And when I grow up, I want to run away to deserted island where I can have mangos and pineapple for breakfast every morning, snorkel all day with the pretty fishies and watch the sun set with a good glass of Merlot in my hand. Maybe I'll drop a postcard to husband and the kids every now and then ;)
  7. timer lady

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    kt has been (for 2 years now) & is still intent on becoming a hair dresser. "I love hair, people & fashion, mom! It's the perfect fit! :hairy::nails::lipstick:

    She talks of her career choice to everyone - therapist, psychiatrist, mental health case manager, family, etc. She's so proud of this choice; husband & I plan to support her through this. I love kt has thought this through. She plans on living here until she finishes school & has seen an apartment bldg not too far away that she would like to move to once school is complete & she's saved enough to buy furniture & move.

    Gotta luv my ktbug! :lady::rofl::jumphappy::its_all_good::you_go_girl:
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    At 6, Miss KT wanted to be a tv anchor, because she loved spreading news. Then it changed to a forensic investigator (I think she'd do well at this), then a music teacher, a police officer, a juvenile probation officer, and work in a day care.

    Now she's going to move out the minute she graduates from high school and get married. I have no idea what else she thinks she'll be doing.
  9. susiestar

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    Wiz wants to do "something" in acting. Or this is his rationale for taking the same acting class 3 times (a 1 semester class) when he is really in need of some classes with strogner academics to be successful in college. he is taking "C & C machine" at the vocational classs because they use a "really big" computer to tell machines what to make out of steel.

    THIS is what he plans to do to pay for college. I support the machine progam totallly - it is an extra year after high school paid for by the state. Since I pushed him ahead a grade to get him OUT of our hideous middle school after said middle school was a major factor in his 4 month hospital stay, the extra year will be good for him. Growing up time, if you know what I mean. And there are some excellent jobs doing this.

    Jessica has "no clue" what she wants to do.

    thank you has thought about paleontology, but isn't sure.

    Whatever they do, I want them to be contributing members of society and to always be learning.
  10. difficult child has always wanted to go into law enforcement, for the longest time he has talked about being a policeman. He has also talked about designing or testing video games.

    easy child has talked alot about going into psychology and becoming a therapist. She also has a desire to do something in the forensics field, you know, something like the girl in the lab on NCIS. She loves science. So who knows. (When she was looking at classes for this year and was trying to pick her science class she contemplated taking physics - I commented she should probably take an easier class because her workload this year is going to be tough - she said "Mom, physics would be an easy class!") Okay, whatever you say, sweetheart!
  11. difficult child resists most discussion about future occupations. However, he has shown repeatedly that he is a wonderful IT support person - both here at home and at his Dad's business. He set up and maintains the wireless networks at both places, he maintains the server for his Dad's Listserv, he provides telephone and web support for his Dad's software company, and he built me (and himself) computers for the work I do when I telecommute. He's simply awesome. Even easy child grills him with computer questions when he visits at home and easy child is a graduate student in computer science. husband and I get a big chuckle out of that.

    I do think that difficult child thinks about this, though. He recently asked me, "Can you major in Physics or mathmatics in college"? Interestingly enough, when difficult child was 3 years old , his aunt (a major difficult child herself, but that's a story for another time) brought her current boyfriend to visit. Her boyfriend was a professor of physics at a distant university. After he watched difficult child tool around the house for a while he said "Whatever you do, don't let him study Physics. There's not much money in it and the jobs are highly competitive". We thought that was very odd at the time, but he must have seen something in difficult child!