difficult children in the community!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JJJ, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. JJJ

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    Ugh! It is bad enough parenting difficult children but I HATE HATE HATE having to deal with them in my adult interactions. There is a guy from a famous family (yes, if I said the name, 90% of you would recognize it) who has developed a dislike for me. Personally, I don't care, he's an idiot trying to ride on his famous relatives coattails. But now he has started to spread rumors about me! Mostly I just roll my eyes and laugh but he called my daughter's new coach to tell him he didn't like me...seriously??? The reality is that not-so-famous-boy disagreed with a decision I made as a volunteer many years ago. He complained and his complaint was over-ruled (aka I won) and he has never gotten over it. He is now a paid employee in the same field (but not the same company) that I volunteer. He made some very bad customer service decisions that cost him 20-25% of his clients each of the last two years. He blames ME for them leaving! I don't even know some of them!! What 40 year old is that insecure????

    Add this to some difficult child-dating-drama amoung some of our elected officials (um..married elected officials) and I feel like I'm living in a bad sit-com!
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    Oh Jeez. I'm so sorry - who needs this kind of drama in their life at his age??? A difficult child through and through, that's who!!! You pegged it. I hope you're able to let it all roll off and that he eventually realizes you will not sink to his level. Jackass.
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    Wow. You mean there really are people like that in the US? LLLLOOOOLLLL I am so sorry. He sounds a LOT like a sister of mine. When I was about 12 (she was around 6), she had a major meltdown and came after my other sister and I with my dad's butcher's knife (parents were gone for a few hours). My sister and I restrained her the best we could, I straddled her and pinned her arms while other sis held her legs until she stopped turning all shades of red -anger. To this day, she's still mad at me for "sitting on her for no reason".

    Sorry YOU have to deal with this idiot.
  4. Hound dog

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    It's simple. If he can blame you, he doesn't have to admit to his own failures or that there is something possibly wrong with him.

    Odds are, most people already have his number. I know it blows, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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    Geesh..does he really think that with as busy you are with kids, difficult children, home, volunteering, etc that you have the time and energy to plot and execute tactics to get his clients to leave? I hope you can ignore him. I heard about difficult child officials and thought of you.
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    Truth can be stranger than fiction.
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    That is exactly it. While many people have his number, there are too many who want to stay on his good side just for the chance of being invited over when his famous-relatives are in town.
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    UHG! And this is what's wrong with most ppl in general. So sorry you have to deal with this KOI
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    Had to update..... not-so-famous boy and his best bud made another phone call. This time to bad mouth another family and it resulted in their child being declined membership in a sports program. The parents are livid! I think he may have gone too far this time -- people are going to be very cautious about letting their child get involved with someone who takes his frustration out by bad mouthing children!
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    I hope he gets what he deserves and sooner rather than later.