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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by elizabrary, Nov 17, 2011.

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    So within the last couple of months Kat managed to get things together. Great! I had a weird feeling all this week. Last night she called about some daycare crisis and would I watch KK today since I work late tonight. I wasn't thrilled, but ok. I took a half day off work because she had to go to work for her 30 day review. Just now she called me crying. She got her required physical yesterday, which was not within the required timeframe. So they are suspending her for 3 days and will decide if she still has a job on Tues. I flipped out on her and then she's yelling at me about how she had all this training with them how was she supposed to remember. Seriously??????????? OMG she's such an idiot. Just had to get this out of my system. She is on her way to pick up KK now, so I guess I will go into work earlier than planned, or maybe not. Maybe I will go take a long run with the dogs.
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    A run sounds great...will probably be more productive at work that way! Sorry for the issues. Big big bummer. ((hugs))
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    It's always someone else's fault, isn't it?! SO frustrating, I know. But this is yet another "natural consequence:" deadlines are deadlines. Bosses don't want to hear excuses. Hopefully she'll learn from it.

    A run sounds like a great idea.
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    I hate physicals. No, I loathe them. Dunno why, never had a bad experience. But they make me feel like a specimen or something. lol Awkward at best. So.....I avoid them, I procrastinate about them.....yeah.

    Probably, they'll figure the 3 days is enough. Honestly, if they were going to fire her over it, she'd already be fired and they wouldn't bother with the 3 days. That she was upset is a good sign, maybe she's feeling some responsibility.

    I don't get upset with the kids over such minor things. It may frustrate me, but I usually try not to say anything unless I shrug and say well if you don't do it that's what happens or some such. Katie does this non stop with welfare. She'll be all upset they cut her off, why? because she doesn't turn in the periodic paperwork on time. Well......duh. She's been doing this for 11 yrs, it's just not rocket science. I just ignore her.
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    Just like a difficult child. She had plenty of time to get the physical, everyone else meets the time frame, but they think rules are for everyone else and it's no big deal. My difficult child had two weeks to get her drug test and she still waited until the day before her first day of work. It was no big deal to her. Of course I asked her is she had done drugs and was waiting to be clean but she swears her sobriety date is the same. I then asked her what she was going to do if she went into work and they sent her home because they didn;t have the results. She didn't know.

    Three days suspension seems like a serious consequence.

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    OMG Lisa- Kat does the same thing with-her benefits- moves and gets cut off because she didn't notify them and is outraged. Seriously, if she was dumb it would be easier because I wouldn't expect anything more.

    She was so upset about it that she had a relatively rational discussion with me. I told her if she really wants to quit living in chaos she needs to get counseling. She said she couldn't afford it (her medicaid is done because of her job, which has health insurance that is really too expensive for her, sigh!) but I told her I am sure my parents would pay for it if she goes. She called and made an intake appointment, which is a step she has never taken before. I told her I have to be given all the receipts from the appointments for her grandparents to pay the bills. Hopefully she will really follow through with this. It could help her a lot. Finger, legs and toes crossed!