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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    difficult child was outside raking leaves (for fun). I took out a pumpkin lawn leaf bag and asked if he wanted to fill it to make a pumpkin. He filled it very quickly and then came in the house saying he realy needed a pumpkin today to decorate. He doesn't want to wait until Saturday.

    I asked if he would make brownies. He made brownies and while the pan was in the oven crushed four grocery bags full of pop cans.

    When the browines were done, he went outside to throw the football. He soon came in and said that he was decorating the best he could but he only had the pumpkin bag. We wished he had corn and gourds. He then asked if he could ride bike to a nearby farm stand. I only found $3.00 in cash so gave him a signed check made out to the farm but left the amount blank. I told him he had $5.00 on the check plus the $3.00 to spend.

    I gave him double grocery bag and advised him not to purchase a large pumpkin. He also had the cell phone with instructions to call me when he crossed a major street and then again on the way home after crossing the major street.

    He came home with $3.00 and a note that the check was $6.25 (no receipts at the stand). He is now looking for a wooden sword to use as a sign that he is going to write "Fred" on.

    He feels so good about being able to make the run alone to the farmer's stand.

    Isn't it great when they get into a working mode?
  2. Andy

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    He finished his pumpkin bag scene - graveyard scene.

    Now he is working on the crime scene - painted a stick person with a paintbrush on the grass (I didn't think painting grass with a brush would work)

    It really looks cool - I think he can be a decorator.
  3. Andy

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    Just as a reminder why I think this is so cool: Last year at this time, difficult child was in his deep anxiety episode. By Halloween night, he really believed that satan was coming for him. For him to do this on his own is another sign as to how far he has come out of that nightmare. Last year the thought of a crime scene were a character dies would have been untolerable for him and now he is enterring into the fun side of the holiday knowing it is just imagination.

    He put up a sign "Crime scene" at the painted stick body, took a rock and painted red "blood" to put under the sign.

    Miracles do happen!
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    Andy, what a great update!
    I LOVE the fact that difficult child felt brave enough to go to the farm stand, let alone being willing to decorate your yard for halloween. Fred the pumpkin. What a blast.

    Good for difficult child! It sounds like he's made tremendous progress since last year.

    On a related note, with his decorating and baking abilities, maybe there's a career as a caterer or event planner in his future...

  5. meowbunny

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    Just awwwww! Remember to take pics of his work.
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    No, that is very cool. I pictured him on his bike, cell in hand, blank check in pocket. way way too cute. i bet that made him feel very independent also. it is so amazing to see progress and from where he was last halloween you are officially seeing some great progress.

    thanks for sharing that, that was really really cute. :)
  7. amazeofgrace

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    awesome news, It always feels good when they are doing well. At least your son asked to go to the stand, mine would've robbed my purse and gone, b4 knew what happened!
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    What a great thing for your difficult child! Excellent progress! I would love to see pictures!
  9. Andy

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    I don't know how to do pics on the computer. We do have a digital camera (1st step) and I am going to see if easy child or husband can help show me how to put them on the computer - I want to e-mail to my relatives also. If I get it figured out, I will post here.

    easy child said puppy went crazy over the pumpkin bag and shovel when they got home late last night. I think puppy is turning into a watch dog!
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    Andy-that is SO great for your difficult child to have those fears of the past behind him and for him to now be enjoying the holiday. Would also love to see the pics if you can get them figured out!
  11. Kjs

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    I couldn't tell you. Still waiting...from BOTH kids.