difficult child's apartment - Part 2

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Nancy, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Nancy

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    difficult child asked if we could get something for her room that she could use to dry her hair and put make on because she only has her bed and some wire racks for clothes. I loaded up my car with a few small things from her room at home and drove to Target by her house and she met me there. We bought a microwave stand for the kitchen and a vanity set for her room. I took her to Wendy's on the way to her apartment.

    When we got to her apartment I didn't recognize it. She and her roommate had spent all day yesterday cleaning and I was so impressed with how good it looked. I told her how proud I was of her. We spent the next couple hours putting together the microwave cart and vanity. Both made huge improvements since the microwave was on top of the refrigerator. We moved the microwave, toaster and a few other things to the cart which freed up a lot of counter space. Then we put together the vanity and finally she had a place to put all her toiletries and makeup and a nice place to sit and get ready for work. Her bedroom is really looking nice. She hung a few things on the wall that she brought from home and asked if I would bring her curtains home to wash and help her hang them next time.

    Her bedroom is cleaner than it ever was when she lived here.She looked great and was in a very good mood. She is taking an interest in her apartment and says she still loves her job and she is doing well there.

    I came home feeling so much better about her living conditions and her taking responsibility seriously. She seems to be maturing quite a bit.

  2. Signorina

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    that's great news and gives me some hope...

    I fear that my difficult child is about a year behind your daughter and just hope that he will come thru the rain too...

    I am so happy for you
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    Great update Nancy! :its_all_good:
  4. toughlovin

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    Yay..... I love hearing about the successes of your difficult child... gives me hope.

  5. Kathy813

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    What a wonderful report. She is really making great strides. It just warms my heart.

  6. InsaneCdn

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    WoW! Way To Go!

    Hmmm.... this means that I have another 5-10 years of MESS... but maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel?
    Thanks for posting that!
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    Happy :)
    I see the same thing with Matt, albeit much much slower. He is finally starting to take ownership of where he lives. It still is fairly messy, in my opinion, but compared to him home - day and night.
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    It is so wonderful that she's beginning to take pride in her apartment. It warms my heart to read about her progress.
  9. Elsieshaye

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    That's great news!
  10. Hound dog

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    Isn't it FABULOUS???!!!

    What a wonderful update! So glad the maturity bug has taken firm hold and she's taking pride in her home and her life. Awesome! So proud of her!!!
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    Love the update. She really seems to be stepping up to the plate. I'm happy for you all. DDD
  13. Estherfromjerusalem

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    That's wonderful! So good to read.

    Love, Esther
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    That is just wonderful, filled with so much hope and promise, good for all of you. It's exciting to think that your daughter is pulling it together and having pride in her home. This is very good news. I read your earlier post about how you felt about where your daughter was living, and I can relate to that too. When my daughter had a home, it was just cluttered to the point of being a warehouse. I had to recognize, that in addition to everything else, she is a hoarder. There have been many times I've wanted to just get my kid her own apartment, pay for everything, do everything, just so I can feel good. But, those days are over. So, I am very happy for you, it all sounds so hopeful. I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your family.
  15. witzend

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    That's really nice. It's cool that by coming and giving her a little encouragement that she decided to take it one step further. Way To Go!
  16. pinevalley

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    Great news Nancy! You have a reason to be hopeful for your daughter!