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    starts again this week. Fall Ball. Only for 13 yo's. Coach called last week. Then said he noticed on his form he was going to High School. Most 13 yo's are not in High School. This is a problem. He (coach) is the head coach of the High Schools Baseball team. It is against the rules for him to coach difficult child IF difficult child is planning on trying out for the team next spring.

    difficult child is actually going to a choice High School, but the district school is considered his "home" school and that is where he would be in sports.

    The High School has a state champion team. (Senior team) All of us really wanted this coach for instruction. difficult child said "no way, I am not good enough to try out. I won't embarrass myself" Now, he is very good. Just a bit on the small size. We always had him play his age in sports not his grade. Never realized once he is in High School it doesn't matter how old he is, Freshman play on Freshman team, etc. We talked difficult child into atleast considering trying out. This meant he had to be traded to a different team.

    His new team has many new players. This boosts difficult child's self esteem since he has been playing for 9 years. Tomorrow is first game. He said he is going to pitch. (not his position) He is very critical of himself. If he messes up he flips out. I am holding my breath on this pitching thing. It could make or break his entire fall season.
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    I bet he does great!! Give us an update. Thinking of you both xoxo (((KSJ))) ML
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    Good Luck to your son.

    My daughter is also very critical of her playing she also is good. and plans to try out for highschool fastpitch this year. The hurtle we have to over come is when they want to try her out in different positions. That never goes over well. She is always doubting her self. Drives me nuts.

    Good luck to him. Keep us posted.