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    For a class difficult child had to write a bio poem that fits a certain format. Parts are sweet, parts are sad.

    difficult child
    generous, active, cheerful, and nice
    sibling of easy child/difficult child
    lover of football, Dad, Ella (our dog)
    who feels happy when people are nice to me, sad when people are mean to me, and curious when people talk about me
    who needs help, more friends, and more kids on the block
    who gives my Tech Decks, tips, and stuff to my friends
    who fears spiders, a tornado hitting hi house, and hurricanes
    who would like to see sleep, no more school, and a better way of life
    resident of Wisconsin
    difficult child

    First off the fact that he did his homework was amazing! He had help from his "life coach" after school. I teased him a bit and said where was I on his list of those he loved. He told me he wanted to put me on there but was saving the best for last (and then I didn't fit)-lol-sweet that he said it even if he didn't think it. I also felt he was very insightful on it.
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    How incredibly bittersweet... it brought a tear to my eye.
  3. shellyd67

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    It brought a tear to my eye too ! Lovely poem ....
  4. Jena

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    wow that was soo cool. thanks soo much for sharing that. what a bright young man, knows the deal, who he is, what he wants more of and what he's afraid of. absolutely adorable. I don't know didnt' make me sad made me smile to see how intelligent he is and insightful about himself. that usually doesnt' happen till ummm 40!! :)

    awesome soo glad he did his homework.
  5. Fran

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    Very nice, but leaving you out screams volumes to me.
    I'm glad he did his homework and has some insight into himself and what his needs are. It seems very creative.
  6. totoro

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    That is so sweet with the honesty that only our kids can write.
    K has poems like this, that make you smile and break your heart all in one.