difficult child's breakup

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, May 14, 2008.

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    Haven't shared much positive about difficult child lately but I do have a funny to share.

    First a little history. When difficult child goes to the playroom at the health club once in a great while there is this one girl there his age. Last summer he informed us he and she decided they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They have probably only seen each other a few times since then.

    Fast forward to this past Monday. He saw her in the playroom. When he came out he told me, "Mom, (said the girl's name) and I broke up and I didn't even know it. We've been broken up for months."

    I asked if he was upset. He said he was and that she said she has another boyfriend. I comforted him and he was fine but it was hard not to giggle out loud.

    Of course, it also shows difficult child's line of thinking. Even though he hadn't seen her in months he thought they were still going out!

    One other positive. With lots of help from husband and a bit from me, difficult child finished his first real project for school. It was a science fair experience. He built a lego racer and tested it out on different surfaces-even built a ramp with husband. He has been really excited about it. He only has to tape on his pictures and he is done!
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    School projects, what fun! (note sarcasm). It is good that difficult child was excited about it and that it led to some father-son bonding. Hope the finished product turns out well.

    Sorry to hear about the break-up. I'm sure this was a blow to difficult child's ego but at least it frees him up to see girls that he actually has contact with. On second thought, maybe that isn't such a good thing!

  3. totoro

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    Aww poor guy!!! Tell him there will be plenty of others! He deserves better, she WAS cheating on him... LOL
    Glad to hear he finished a project! It is nice to get through any school things!
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    Kanga is the same way. If they were "boyfriend & girlfriend" the last time they saw each other, they remain that way until the see each other again to break-up. She gets very confused when the boys don't see it that way.
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    Awww, Sharon - so sorry difficult child had to endure his first break up. He's growing up, Mom! LOL!! ;)

    I *love* his science fair project - how very cool!!! I hope he is able to take pride in this accomplishment!
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    difficult child is lucky he found out she was cheating before it got more serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I may be crazy, but I have always enjoyed the science fair experiments.....difficult child loves science and he has always been so excited. It's great to see our difficult child's interested in something relating to school!!!