difficult child's cse mtg. i got the date!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Mar 19, 2009.

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    so believe it or not i got the rough date for difficult child's cse meeting finally. i'Tourette's Syndrome beginning of may. they have decided to test difficult child in school their not accepting my $5,000 neuropysch evaluation or the other diagnosis'sfrom treating psychdoc's figures.

    So, i'm a bit nervous i haven't had time to make a list of things i want or the time to read up on the laws here in new york what my rights are etc. i have an entire booklet from someone at work i have yet to read thru.

    difficult child's been flip flopping so much lately i change wtih her i think. one week she's depressed and anxiety ridden next happy and talking to kids in school. it never stays consistent.

    anyhow she's going to love being tested in school, soo not. i was going to prep her for it yet i thought better of it, why prep her truly though i want services for her their fighting me tooth and nail if i prep her she'll be more controlled if i don't it'll show. sounds manipulating i know and hurtful to difficult child.

    she got her report card, i almost died laughing all high marks. are they kidding me?? their basically lying they knew the meeting was coming up so fudge away they did. so illegal. so so illegal.

    i had my mind set on this special school for her through the district i'm giong to see it next week i have a cse meeting with a client. than difficult child pops into manic mode this week and depression and anxiety are gone and she comes home talking about kids etc. than i change my mind. silly i know after all thistime.

    i guess i just wish the manic would last and depression would just stay away.

    so now it's going to be like climbing a hill to prove she warrants services based off this last report card. wow.
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    I refuse to use grades as any measure of progress. My school district is so use to this that when a new staff person tried to point out that I should be happy because Kanga was getting straight As. I inhaled in preparation for tearing her head off and the sped director quickly interrupted with "JJJ doesn't use grades to measure progress. We use work samples for her children." Sadly, she didn't take the hint and I had to explain it to her in very simple terms that giving a 4th grader who couldn't read a paragraph an A in reading was useless in telling anyone what progress she had made.

    Ask for work samples and test results. Ignore the grades.
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    exactly, i'm basing it off her recent standardized testing that she failed. here in new york, at least this wonderful district they base it off their current grades. they have been fighting services for almost 2 years now.

    i won't give up. i appreciate the advice!!! yea, i'll probably lose it knowing me so i'm bringing a case manager from work wtih me
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    Good idea to bring someone with you. That really gets me angry that they would lie on her report card!
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    hey sharon

    i know, it's insane. i read the report card and said what??? are they kidding me? wait, today they showed her a video on how ppl get run over by long island railroad everyday. can you imagine? an hour of that she watched kids gettting run over, ppl, drunk ppl. great thing to show a kid with an anxiety disorder.

    makes you go hmm sometimes. this school does not have the ability to provide the services for special needs kids at all.