difficult child's day alone

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    went better than expected. Monday and Tuesday difficult child was home with easy child/difficult child. husband and I were in meetings but didn't have kids yet. difficult child probably called about 20 times on Monday and about 30-40 times yesterday-and that was just me:wildone: He called husband about the same amount of times.

    We knew today would be difficult because not only would we be gone but easy child/difficult child started school so difficult child would be home alone. We just couldn't have him calling us. A friend of mine had the idea of offering him some money for taking care of himself and then charging money each time he called that wasn't an emergency.

    We ended up offering him $5.00 and taking off $.50 every time he called. He ended up with $3.50!!!! We called on all of our breaks. He was struggling (kept saying he was bored and lonely). The poor guy has no concept of time so being alone for 8-9 hours seems like an eternity to him. He really did well today and I'm proud of him.

    An added note, easy child/difficult child's first day at her new school went really well. She took the car for the first time by herself (wouldn't do it before) and loved it. I think this will be the right school for her-too bad we waited til she was a senior.

    One more note and then I promise to be quiet! My first day was great. The group seems really nice and there may be a couple of difficult children but today was about as good as a first day except for one kiddo with extreme anxiety due to some major issues. Basically the spec. ed teacher spent her entire day dealing with this student.

    Thanks for listening!
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    Genious idea Sharon ! Kids love to make money ! Kudos to easy child/difficult child for driving as well ! I would love some advice from you if you have the time .... Being that your a teacher ... If you find some time to read my thread that is titled " I am so upset right now" I am so frustrated and hope a teacher could put things into perspective for me.
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    Kuddos to you for being brave enough to try this!!
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    Little nudges forward. Glad your day was good.
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    Glad to hear difficult child did well and the money carrot worked! It's almost always about finding the right motivation!

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    Great idea with the money. If I had known back then what I know now about money being an incentive, I think I would have paid Cory for being good...lol.