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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Nov 15, 2010.

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    It has been atleast 4 days of his ear bothering him and could be 5 or 6 because he can not remember which day the nurse told him to tell me.

    I didn't really think it was an ear infection. After all, when he was a baby I was an expert ear infection determiner. The nurse would ask, "Why do you think he has an ear infection?" (when he was an infant from 4 months to two years old). "Because he is fussing" "Andy, ALL babies fuss!" "Not this one" and I would ALWAYS be right. He would ALWAYS have an infection.

    Guess I am rusty in that area these days. I told the doctor tonight that I didn't think it was an infection because after 4 - 6 days he is still not in extreme pain. She agreed with me and said she would take a look. I thought maybe a pimple or something irritating? doctor takes a very quick look and says, "Ear infection". There is also fluid in the other ear but we can not figure out why he has fluid in his ears.

    Anyway, he gets antibiotic AND ear drops to help with the pain. Though I think he has a high tolerance for ear pain. doctor is treating it like it is somewhat serious with "let us know if you notice his hearing doesn't improve" (I didn't notice his hearing had decreased - but then again I haven't been home for the last 6 days), "if there are still problems, get it rechecked in 3 weeks" (o.k. these must just be standard cover our butts instructions because I don't feel it is that serious - nothing antibiotics wont take care of) and "The drops are for pain". difficult child says pain is a 6 on scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the worst).

    Glad I took him in. :)
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    My difficult child had chronic ear infections when he was younger. I always knew because we have an ear thermometer. If the temp was higher in one ear than the other, it was an infection. easy child had an ear ache for a day or two then it went away. The next morning, there was fluid crusted to his outer ear. Turns out he didn't have pain anymore because his ear drum had popped, relieving the pressure. That was an experience.

    I'm glad you took him in too.
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    Ear infections are nothing to play with. I know why the doctor was so worried and told you to keep an eye on it. An ear infection is what led to my meningitis 2 years ago and it happened in less than two days!

    Please keep a very close eye on him and the bone at the back of his ear on the skull. If it swells or gets red and painful, take him back in immediately. That is a sign that the infection has moved from the ear canal into the bone itself and from there it is just a quick step into the brain.

    Now, if my ear so much as tingles I am in the doctors office...lol.