difficult child's first date ... gone with the wind

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    difficult child has been planning all wk to go ice skating with-his girlfriend, Z.
    I was shocked. He never wants to do anything with-any one.
    He said a group of kids were going, and one was J. from his former school.
    Cool. Group events are the way dating starts.

    But ... I was going out with-friends at 6:00.
    difficult child said he needed to be at the rink between 6-6:30. Changed it to 7. Then to 7:30. Whatever. They'll all hang out, it doesn't matter.

    So I called my friends and arranged to meet them at a restaurant within walking distance of the rink. Perfect! difficult child could eat with-us and then walk over.

    No, he wanted me to drive him. Then he wanted to eat in the car. (In all fairness, what teenager wants to eat with-a bunch of middle-aged ladies anyway?) I told him he had to place his own order and take the box to the car himself.

    Of course, once the food came, he inhaled it right on the spot, which I knew would happen. He asked to sit in the car afterward and I said fine.

    Half hr later, I decide it's time to go, and difficult child comes in, angry and says we're late. I told him he was supposed to walk. He refuses.

    My friends order dessert. I order wine and tell them I'll be right back.

    difficult child and I sit in pkng lot and difficult child says girlfriend isn't in the rink. He refuses to go in the bldg.
    After I get out of the car and tell him he has to give me my money back, he zooms into the rink and out in 1 sec flat. No way could he see everyone that fast.
    I go in by myself and have girlfriend paged. Wait 5 min. Page again. Wait 5 min. Page in Spanish (she's from Mexico). No show.

    Back to car. difficult child yells, "I TOLD you she wasn't in there!"

    Turns out she supposedly showed up, waited 2 sec., and left.

    difficult child decided he wasn't going to skate, anyway. Would just stand there. (I pd for 3 yrs of lessons for this kid and he knows how to skate.)

    She thinks he stood her up. He's mad because she left. No idea why J didn't show up, either.

    I told difficult child to apologize even if it wasn't his fault. It's just the nice thing to do. (He did. Amazing.)

    They got it straight after texting all weekend ...
    but that's the weirdest part: how could they possibly have missed one another when they were texting each other the ENTIRE TIME?

    OMG, this is so stupid!!!!!!

    So he fumed in the car while I drank my wine and whined to my friends.

    I hope dating gets easier as they get older ...
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    OHHHHHH I feel for you. We haven't had this yet, but I can soooo see it coming and happening just this way. ARRRRG
  3. DaisyFace

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    How funny - it souds like he has a girl that's just like him! Who the heck looks around for 2 seconds and decides they've been stood up? Sheesh!
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    ...What DF said...
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    I can see my difficult child doing the same thing when the time comes.... geeze
  6. TerryJ2

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    Yep. I'm just glad that I didn't have to drive to Alaska or anything, LOL!
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    LOL OMG is all i can say!! i'll sit back and take notes as you go thru this........ so prepare myself! i can only hope my difficult child will date someday. yet man that truly is a difficult child experience :)