difficult child's first Honors English paper, and 504 mtng today


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Oh dear, this is going to be one, tough year.

I met with-the 504 team today (everyone except the math teacher). The English teacher pointed out that difficult child has so far been very polite but that he is already behind on two papers, and that he sits sideways so he can talk to his friends and also see her, and she has to keep calling his name. She turned her body to show me how he does it and it was the exact same thing that his math teacher showed me last yr. It was *almost* funny.

So difficult child wrote ONE of the papers today, after arguing with-both me and husband. husband finally got difficult child to sit down and do the paper. Note that he incorrectly puts apostrophes around the title instead of bold facing or underlining or whatever his style manual says (poems can have quotation marks but not books), and that he never says who the author is. That's not even addressing the literalism of the page numbers.

Here's the first paragraph:

Over the summer I read a book called "The Stand." I haven't finished it yet but I'm on page 758, out of about 1,605 pages. So far I like it. So without further ado here is my summary.


:sigh:I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The good news is that he actually wrote an entire page, discussing what's going on in the book (and from his description, I have no desire to read it!!! lol.)

The other good news is that now that the 504 is in place (technically, it already was, but this makes the teachers sign off on it and ensures that we have added or subtracted anything we need), and it's a month into the school year, they are getting a good dose of his behaviors and lack of participation. We should be communicating a lot in the coming weeks ...


Oh boy. I don't envy you at all. That paper does sound a little like something difficult child 1 tries to get away with. I am sooooo glad I don't have to deal with public school staff anymore. Our staff are pretty hands off and difficult child 1 can sit any way he wants and it doesn't bother ANYONE. LOL



I LOVED that book!

That actually sounds like the first paragraph of something that difficult child would write, and he's in honors English!!

I wish I had some answers for you. All I can say is that I hope it gets easier.


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LOL, Bunny, did you go past page 758??? difficult child's you've just got to laugh sometimes. DDD


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Well, I hope it goes better as the year progresses. I loved that book by the way. That would be something my difficult child would try in any other class besides English. (her favorite.)


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I can't wait to see how he is graded ... and why they would put an extremely literal difficult child in Honors English. Except that he did read about 25 books last yr. I think they'll learn that quantity doesn't mean quality!


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The Stand is an excellent book! I read it before they made the mini series, which was one of the better book to TV adaptions I've seen. Tell your son if he likes that to read the Gunslinger series by King, I tore through those books, and he just released book 4.5 (comes between books 4 and 5 in the storyline) and I need to get it. I really wish I had more time to read :(


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The Stand is my absolute favorite Stephen King novel EVER. The miniseries was pretty good, too.

I love the "without further ado"...

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husband loves that book! I too hope it gets easier for your difficult child. My daughter struggles with writing (good at it but too much of a perfectionist and gets stuck) and tomorrow has a rough draft of a research paper due that she has yet to start. Sigh...


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tomorrow has a rough draft of a research paper due that she has yet to start. Sigh...

Arrgh! WHEN do they learn?!


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Terry... I went through a 4-yr Uni degree... and never did any different.e'

At some point, you do have to "let go" of the "how" and "where" and "when"... and focus on what is important: that stuff gets done, and on time, and without throwing life totally into chaos. If he can get it "that much" together, he can do almost anything.