difficult child's girlfriend is now writting to me on FB. Baby confirmed?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rejectedmom, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Well she wrote me again told me that she and difficult child were in the new mess together as I suspected. It seems she had him remove metal heaters from her apt and sell them for scrap so she could buy cigarettes. Said she didn't know it would creat such a fuss.

    I darn near laughed out loud at that one. I wrote her back and said "you vandalized someone else's property and sold their possessions for ciggeretts and you didn't think it was a big deal? You are lucky to only be charged with a misdemenor." I told her that I knew all about the charges against difficult child because it was a matter of public record and easy to look up. I also told her she was crazy (not those exact words though) to think that difficult child was able to take care of things when he spent 4 years in prison on a 12 month ticket because he could not complete an early release program. OH my gosh I sounded like Judge Judy just laying it all out there!

    Sadly difficult child is charged with 4 or 5 misdemenor counts for this escapade. She only got one. And she was the mastermind behind it. difficult child is so freaking stupid. I honestly think he is taking the brunt of it because she claims to have been carrying his baby. She said "was" so I am unclear if the pregnancy is still viable.

    I told her if she was pg with difficult child's child she was carrying a baby that would need lots of help. Laid out all the hoary details of the syndrome and the inevitable surgeries and interventions. I told her it would be overwhelming and she would need help. I asked her to please get to a doctor tell them about the syndrome. I gave her the exact mane of it. I told her to ask whatever doctor she saw for a referral to a geneticist so that maybe tests would be done and the baby would be followed. Just an effort to insure the baby would get the care he needed. I hope I scared the bejebers out of her but I honestly doubt it. I probably just ticked her off. She is a difficult child afterall. I doubt she will write to me again after this last...but I at least said what needed to be said. She cannot claim ignorance of the facts. I have that documented now. -RM
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    Geez! Cigarettes are a priority when you are pregnant?????? OMG! I am sorry to say so but it really sounds like the two of them don't total half a deck. Your concern is understandable and you took the oppportunity to share the warnings. Sadly, she and difficult child will be the ones who have to make the decisions. DDD
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    Mastermind? I............am assuming you are using THAT term loosely. Because I had the same thoughts as D3 - pregnant and ripping out heaters for cigarettes? Not only will the baby have genetic problems .dot, dot, dot...oy oy oy.

    I like that you laid it out cold, and have it documented. If I were you? I think I'd do whatever it is to (not sure how you unfriend someone from FB), but I'd unfriend that FB from FB.
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    You know I've been awfully hard up for cigarettes more than once........but I can honestly say the thought never entered my mind to rip out a heater and sell it for scrap for a pack of smokes. Seriously?? I guess dumpster diving for soda cans that can be recycled was just too easy or what? omg

    I won't get into the smoking while preggers thing.......cuz I don't buy into common myth. But still I have to wonder if this scam for cash was really for cigs and not to smoke something with a tad more kick to it. Know what I mean??

    girlfriend probably mean "was" as in I told him I was preggers so he'd take the fall, and since he fell hard enough.......I'm no longer preggers. Seen it so many times you'd think males would demand a positive preg test before falling for that crud now days. ugh

    Smart she isn't, difficult child and manipulative she is......not good.

    Good that you laid it out on the line for her. If nothing else.......maybe she'll think twice before being unprotected with difficult child.......cause you know a baby like that would actually mean work.

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    Hound you are absolutly right she just messaged me that she "was" pregnant but had a miscarriage. Man can my difficult child pick them. She also claimed she talked to the doctor and he told her that she would never have a baby with my son's syndrome. that she intends to have a bably with him and get married to him. She then went on and on about how she is working two jobs and getting her life together bla bla bla and ended with are your ready for this?..." I hope difficult child realizes what a great woman he has when he gets out."

    I refrained from being nasty or sarcastic with much difficulty but I did tell her she was misinformed by her doctor and sent her a link to a healthline article about Grieg's in which it tells flat out that a person with the syndrome has a 50% chance of having a child with the syndrome and another 25% chance of passing on the gene. Nothing more I can do. UNfortunately even when you unfriend someone on FB they can message you so unfriending ain't stopping her. I might have to close my account. Do not want another difficult child in my life. UG!!!! -RM
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    I'm literally speechless re: the actual post you've made. Heaters for smokes? Seems like something in a episode of The Wire (if you've seen that show you'll know what I mean).

    As for facebook, you can go to your privacy settings. Select the option for your block list. You can then add her facebook profile to your blocked section by entering her name and selecting it. Not only will she no longer be on your friends list, she can't even see your profile. Even if you posted on someones wall that she has on her friends list, she would not see your post or responses to it. You simply disappear from facebook for the user you've blocked. You can also do this with people NOT on your friend list if its someone you don't want in the future to possibly try to friend you or send you a message. You go to your block list under privacy settings and enter any email address you want and that user is then blocked.

    Alternately, in your privacy settings you can change your message settings to not accept messages from those not on your friends list and then you could unfriend her. I still think blocking people is one of facebooks best features!
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    Thanks Mattsmom, I will try that. I have unfriended difficult child and girlfriend was never friended in the first place. That is why she is stalking us through his page. She has actually sent me a new friend request which I didn't accept. Unfortunately she could still message me and has been two to three times a day. I will try blocking her but am unsure what e-mail address difficult child registered under. I might have to write to him and see if he will co-operate with me. I have formed my opinion of her and it ain't good. It is frustrating that I have not been sucessful about getting the rest of the family to co-operate with unfriending difficult child. It really stinks that I cannot even have easy and daily contact with extended family without this creepy girlfriend stalking me. I am afraid someone will slip and mention when I am away and she will rob me. Like I said I might have to close my account and come back under an aileus and then PM family to accept my friend invite. My BFF says I shouldn't do this she said something about keeping enemies close. UG! -RM
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    You don't need his email or hers to block, thank goodness. I've only done this to two people.

    ...In the meantime? HUGS. You deserve 'em!
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    Tank you Stepto2. I'm still feeling a bit creeped out. -RM