difficult child's medical mystery solved

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Californiablonde

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    Well I finally took difficult child to the hospital and got her the endoscopy to see why she keeps getting sick and throwing up. Turns out she has several stomach ulcers. They are still running more tests to see if she is lactose/dairy intolerant but most likely the reason for the extreme nausea, stomach pain, and throwing up are the direct result of the ulcers. I feel bad that she has to go through having stomach ulcers at her age, but I am grateful we finally found out what is wrong with her. So turns out her symptoms aren't all in her head. She has a follow up appointment on April 1st to discuss possible medications and changes to her diet. For now we are being told to avoid citrus, soda, and fatty foods. Hopefully we can treat her symptoms successfully so she won't continue to be in pain. I am hoping this will put an end to her missing so much school. She starts school at my work at tomorrow morning. I am hoping her attendance greatly improves with the move. And really hoping she can meet some decent friends here. The school psychologist is awesome and I know difficult child will love him. Hopefully the rest falls into place. For now I am grateful we are making progress and have finally solved the mystery of the stomach issues. Hopefully with good treatment difficult child will do well.
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    This is huge.
    Make sure the new school knows about this medical condition... that she really has been physically sick, and is in the process of getting treatment (so it is both a past problem and a present progressive situation...)

    This also takes some strain off the relationship between the two of you. She IS sick. Both of you have proof.
  3. Bunny

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    This is fantastic news!! I am so glad for both you and difficult child that the doctors found out what was going on. Hopefully, this will make school much easier for her. ICD is right. Make sure that the school knows that she is physically sick and that she has not been making this up.
  4. Californiablonde

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    I am going to give the school nurse the paperwork so we have it on file. Hopefully that will put a stop to requiring doctor's notes every time she is absent. I am grateful we finally have answers.
  5. tiredmommy

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    I'm glad you have an answer, but... poor kid! :(
  6. Californiablonde

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    Yeah I feel bad for her. I used to have extreme heartburn and I was in a lot of pain. I can't imagine having not one but three ulcers. Poor difficult child.
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    Good news, and so sorry for your difficult child, glad that she will be on the mend now.
  8. HaoZi

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    Glad you have a REAL answer finally. And no spicy foods either! Or aspirin or NSAIDs either I think. Pretty sure there's some either with direct experience with ulcers that can give you better advice though.
  9. Californiablonde

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    Yeah NSAIDS do a number on her stomach so we avoid those at all costs. She likes spicy food like me but unfortunately she is just going to have to give those things up for awhile. Hopefully with proper treatment her ulcers start to heal. I can't imagine being in pain 24/7 and throwing up all the time. Luckily for now they are not bleeding ulcers. Hopefully they never get to that point.
  10. TerryJ2

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    Very good!
    Strangely, it's sort of a relief. :)
    Is she on antibiotics for hpylori?
    Yes, definitely, spices are out until she heals, along with-sodas (particularly Coke) and caffeinated beverages.
    I would check with-the school before I assume that she doesn't have to bring doctors notes. You never know when they're going to check up on her. Sometimes it's their attitude or even one person who just has a chip on her shoulder one day. Sigh.
  11. Californiablonde

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    She's not on antibiotics right now. They are still running more tests for infection. Her follow up appointment is on the first and we will find out the results of everything else then.
  12. SuZir

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    It's good that you found a reason, but poor kid. I hope it helps with school that you have a legitimate illness to explain her absences.

    Hate to say this, but prepare to very frustrating battle with her about diet. Kids, and especially teens, hate restrictive diets even when slipping makes them very ill quickly. And with this it doesn't always bite her immediately so she most likely will try to get away with many things. And if I remember correctly what you have told about her former diet, she has to change her habits quite a lot and that is never easy to anyone. There is a good chance that she will hate her new diet and not be mature about it. And it can turn very frustrating for you.
  13. buddy

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    What a relief to have some answers. I have had esophageal ulcers and they were not hpylori....they were due to my autoimmune disease so I just had to do all the diet things etc. The pain made me feel like passing out at times, I really feel for her.

    If it is bacteria, then she may even have a better chance of healing easier. Poor girl, she really is young to have that.

    Good job mama. Remember when you doubt yourself? See, you are the one who gets this leg work done. Great job.
  14. Hopeless

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    I am glad they figured it out. Poor girl. I had them around the age of 20 and it is no fun at all :(
  15. DammitJanet

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    I am surprised they didnt start her on the H pylori regimen immediately. Its a yucky regimen but she will she will feel better faster. In fact Im surprised her doctor didnt do a blood test as the first test he did.
  16. Californiablonde

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    I am surprised as well that they are waiting till next month for a follow up and treatment. I would have thought it would happen right away. We had the tests done at the hospital and the results were sent to her doctor so maybe that's why. Or they're waiting for the othe results to come first. I don't know. I registered difficult child for school this morning and the entire time we were there she kept complaining of her stomach hurting. We shall see how her first day goes. She was very unhappy to find out she will be doing a regular PE class instead of modified. She is lazy and wanted an easy way out of doing any real work. I said no way to that she can do PE just like everybody else. And if she feels ill she can see the nurse. She is not in constant pain 24/7 and most of the time she feels fine. The PE teacher she has is a tough one. I almost wish she got the other teacher. This one fights doctor's notes and I have had parent's complain about him. I am hoping he does not cause me any problems. If so I will take it directly to the principal. I am anxious to see how her first day goes. This morning she told me she is not in the mood to meet new people. I don't blame her. It's going to be rough for a little while but I'm hoping she can meet a friend easily. Hopefully she will love it here at my school as much as I do.
  17. Glad you finally found out what it was. Hopefully it is h pylori and the antibiotics will make her feel better very quickly (when she gets on them).
  18. susiestar

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    Around here the docs assume that ulcers are due to h pylori and start you on medications asap. The whole diet thing is not very effective at all for helping ulcers. Voice of experience here. I have a lot of problem with my stomach due to a doctor rxing WAY too many medications at way too high dosages for way too long during my teen years. It caused permanent damage for me, and my mom saw him and has even worse problems. She had to have the valve at the bottom of her stomach removed along with the parts that create acid because of all the scar tissue. It wasn't a fun thing, but it did free her from a TON of pain.

    difficult child's ulcers are probably from infection. it is no more something for you to feel sorry for than strep throat is. Nothing you could have done would have stopped it. The antibiotics are pretty harsh and she MUST avoid all alcohol while taking them. If she uses mouthwash, go and get the alcohol free kind for her. Even that amt of alcohol can make you very sick. My bro has had ulcers over and over for years. Back about fifteen years he went to India for several weeks. He spent several days on a public bench outside a bus station in a city because he was so horribly ill. He was taking antibiotics because he got sick. He was at the stage where his alcoholism demanded that he drink daily. You cannot drink legally in that area of India, and he was sneaking some local alcohol (that you can go to prison for years for drinking in that area, of course - it wouldn't be 'fun' if it as legal, now would it?). He 'forgot' that the anitbiotics he brought were NOT to be taken with alcohol. He assumed it was like a pain medication, where it makes you sleep and makes the medication have stronger effects.

    He didn't know it would cause him to be so ill for days that he literally could not move more than a few feet from a restroom. esp given the public restroom sin that area of the world. It was so bad that he didn't drink again for the remainder of his trip, which was a long time with-o alcohol for him.

    In recent years he found that even mouthwash with alcohol causes problems. Not nearly as bad, but it is still a problem.

    It is possible that her ulcers are not caused by h pylori, but it would be rare. Usually those types of ulcers are due to overuse of medications that are hard ont he system. NSAIDS and steroids are two of the worst. I have battled this type of ulcer and it will mean she has to avoid those medications whenever possible.

    I am glad that the cause of her pain has been discovered. I hope that the doctor can give you a letter for school that will deal with whatever problems will arise there. Ulcers are nasty, painful and dangerous. I hope difficult child won't try illegal drugs. Many of them would be super dangerous for a person with ulcers. If hers are bleeding, any medication could end up in her bloodstream, which is a real problem with some medications.
  19. Californiablonde

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    We had our follow up appointment yesterday and there is no infection. doctor put her on Prilosec once daily. She says it will probably take about a week for it to start helping. Yesterday difficult child threw up again in the morning and missed the first half of school. Today I got her to come in but she got sick and threw up in the nurse's office so she was sent home early. I am going to pick up the prescription for the Prilosec today and hope it starts kicking in real soon. difficult child has only been in school a week and has already missed two and a half days.
  20. InsaneCdn

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    Small comfort, but... at least she actually got sick at school... which adds to their understanding. MD says it's medical, and she's not just nauseous, she's throwing up... well, something is definitely going on.

    Sure hope those medications kick in.