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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Jun 19, 2013.

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    paid off!! This will be short because it is really hard to type one handed but...difficult child got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About a month ago I went with him to apply and they told him he needed to be 16 but to come back when he did. Well he turned 16 on Sunday and has been bugging us to take him back. I went in with him today (told difficult child was necessary due to his disabilities). She was so glad he came back; she remembered him and said he was the only one she had wanted to hire that day-that he was the only normal one to apply that day-lol! She hired him on the spot!

    Very proud of him tonight and easy child/difficult child is starting a new job next Tuesday-she has been working but not loving her current job!
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    That is awesome news!
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    :bravo: good job difficult child
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    That's great news. What type of job is it?
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    Thanks Ladies! He is still on a high. He finds out when the orientation is on Wed. He has asked husband and me the same questions probably 100 times in the past three days. "How many days til Wed?" , "Will you come with me for my orientation?" (he may need help filling out forms). There are other questions but he is totally obsessed which is how he always is; at least it is over something positive!
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    Terrific news, he must be so proud of himself............and you of him too............