difficult child's sleepless nights

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Apr 4, 2008.

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    so little difficult child has been up 3 times this week. one night until 6 a.m. then crashed for 2 1/2 hours and went to school all day functioned on high level then returned home hyper as could be. then was up in middle of night that night. then third night crashed and slept finally fell asleep early and woke up late.

    i let her wake up late even though school doesn't approve of what i do i do not care. she was totally drained from flying high for two days. i could see it in her. she was spent. yet wait the school doesnt' see any episodes of mania?? unreal.

    so there is a clear difference on days she doesn't sleep she talks fast moves her fingers back and forth while she speaks or counts on them then gets very easily aggrivated and upset with me if i do the slightest thing wrong.

    on days she's calm she sleeps well is alot more subdued cries easier alot more sensitive.

    she's actually bypassing chlonidine at this point. so the nights to me she's not manic teh chlonidine works and she sleeps. the nights she is it doesn't work and she's up all night.

    if that isnt' manic i dont' know what is. my ex husband had her on phone today and was questioning her (he doesnt' beleive a word of the manic bi polar stuff) and said well were you thinking bad things when u were awake till 6 am.?? her response was no daddy i was watching t.v. and on computer i just couldn't sleep and calm down i felt so busy inside.

    and the saga continues...................lol

    p.s. by the way the addlt. testing hospital wants to do will cost $600.00 i dont' have it at thsi ponit at all i'm trying to pay off the 4k. when ex husband was asked by hospital his resopnse was well i really dont' have the money for this. can we work out a payment plan??

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    Jennifer, I know you don't have extra money lying around, but you really should get your difficult child a sleep study.

    FWIW, when my son was manic, he stayed up for two weeks straight, never sleeping more than an hour or two daily. What interrupted the cycle was giving him Seroquel. Anxiety can also cause the kind of sleep difficulties you're describing.
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    I so remember those sleepless nights. Yuck! I agree with sw about getting a sleep study if at all possible.
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    Maybe a cheaper alternative, at least for now - borrow a video camera and record this, to show the doctors who don't believe you.

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    they realy dont' believe me. we're working on finding a therapist right now. we had to get rid of the pyschiatrist due to the fact he never has time to call me back at all, or columbia when they did the testing.

    sleep study i will do as well just to make sure i cover all bases. i can see how anxiety could do that to a person. yet what i do not get is how she functions so high the next day and into the next night. that to me spells out mania. i could be wrong.....