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    All of his teachers called about 20 minutes ago. I had the chance to ask them each questions.

    Is his talking different from others talking? What is it that gets him sent out? Is he angry?

    Each one of the teachers said the same about the talking. It is not the talking to each other that gets him noticed. All the kids talk, it is him blurting things out at inappropriate times. When they are actively engaged in classwork, he will blurt out, "I'm not doing that" "that is stupid" "that is gay"

    They said they tried ignoring it. He keeps it up. They said they try redirecting things, but he keeps it up. Eventually he has to leave so others can do it.

    He has trouble sitting still. Especially yesterday. They see him get up and stand next to his desk, or walk around his desk. Sometimes just stands up.

    One teacher (likes her class) said he does these things to an extent, but settles down. When there is an assignment he just comes over to her computer and types it. She really has no complaint with him.

    One teacher said she has seen a real 360 turn around with him in the last two weeks. Comes to class angry every day. (this is the first class) Seems to be whiny and upset and yelling at other students. Doesn't bring books, or assignments. Very argumentative. She feels he is trying to push her and she just doesn't want to engage in that so she ignores him. Or tries to. Depends on how long he keeps it going.

    They do agree that he seems to just say whatever pops in his head. Others may think it but he says it. I told them that I am having the opposite problem. I talk to him and he stares at me. When I ask him why he doesn't answer he says "I did". No, he didn't. Maybe he was thinking it, but never said it. I asked if they think he is doing this on purpose or if he cannot control it. They don't know. I asked if they think it is a focusing issue, they did not seem to think it is ADHD.

    He has been acting very strange. I am really confused. Don't know where I am headed with him right now.

    He said he would make a deal with me. If he is good at school for one month can he have a XBOX360. I replied if he can be good at school for one month, then he CAN be good at school always. He just smiled at me. I looked at him and said, well after one month you can just mess up again???? He just smiled.

    My head is really spinning. So, besides the strangeness, he passes out yesterday morning. And he grew 1/2 inch in three weeks. Ok..going to be 13 in December, is it his age?
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    You could be describing my youngest difficult child as far as classroom behavior. I'll be curious to see what everyone else thinks on this. I'm clueless when it comes to my youngest. He truly is a force to be reckoned with.
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    This is probably a silly question, but has he been tested for ADHD?? My son was very impulsive with his mouth and he is adhd.
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    Hi! I'm no medications expert by ANY means, but with this type of growth that you mentioned (1/2 inch in 3 weeks) plus the flood of hormones probably going on PLUS the passing out, you may need to look at a medication tweak.

    Think about it, when they gain weight or go up in age, they even adjust the doses on children's Tylenol. That's a big change in a short amount of time. The fact that it all started so recently may be a combo of growth and hormones! :devil:

    Now Your In For It! :smile:

    Just a thought!

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    Talked to another teacher this morning. I sent him to school after the episode of passing out Monday morning. This teacher said he was just not with it that day. She said she usually has no problems with him, but Monday he was just out of it. Now, I really regret sending him.

    I did pick him up Monday and take him to his pediatrician. Then Yesterday he had the neurologist appointment. So, he had missed Social Studies two days. Monday morning after this episode, I was trying to make it seem that he was alright, it was just the weekend and hot water. So, I had him do some Social Studies Monday before school (after the episode) He was spacey, staring into space. Last night I opened his folder and teacher sent home the same paper saying it was missing. (he hasn't been in her class all week) One paper was what he did Monday morning. I took that paper out of his book and looked at it. He couldn't even write. His letters were just squibbly lines. Couldn't write a zero(for a date). Just squibbly lines. His penmanship is horrible to begin with, but this was really strange..even for him. He anwered one question two times on the same line no spaces.
    Monday night he slept a long time, very sound. Same last night. He did his homework and then crashed. Seems like he has not gotten back to normal yet.
    Today they have a field trip to a local high school for a play. He was putting his IPOD together. He said he was going to listen to music during the play. I made him leave it home. He was really angry with me. I tried to explain this is a school event and a reason he is going is for English class. He needs to pay attention. He was so angry with me. Almost had me talked into letting him take the IPOD for the bus ride. But I know he likes to talk, so couldn't see him sitting on the bus quietly listening to music. Hope he behaves for this field trip.
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    Keep the sample of work he did and show it to the doctor. Keep a copy in your files permanently, so if there are no answers now, maybe at some future stage someone might join the dots.

    This is sounding weird, it's also sounding like it is NOT under his control, no matter how much he tries to promise he will behave for a month if he can have an Xbox. My boys would promise the moon for a game system, but never be able to come up with the goods.

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    I'm sorry this is happening, I can imagine how concerning it is. I'm going to move this post to General because that would be a more appropriate forum.
  8. Kjs,

    I think saving a sample of difficult child's work for the doctor is a wonderful idea. It will be worth a thousand words... When you describe your difficult child, you really could be describing our difficult child at that age. He had an incredible way of infuriating and alienating all of his teachers - usually within weeks of beginning their classes.

    They, and the school ,just didn't know what to do with him. I realize now that difficult child's Aspie behaviors were really causing all of the problems. He was basically saying exactly what he thought when he thought it - this meant blurting out inappropriate things at inappropriate times. He truly doesn't do this to be mean or disrespectful - he just only knows how to be truthful and to be himself. The thoughts in his mind are the only ones that count to him.

    This all really came to head when his English teacher (I'm still not really clear exactly why he did this) specially asked difficult child to give his opinion on the class experiment that he (the teacher had done). Basically in the experiment the teacher had chosen to respond with positive responses to blue eyed students and negative responses to brown eyed students. This was done as an intro to a lesson on discrimination . For some reason this teacher asked difficult child what he thought of this after he revealed what he had been doing to the class. difficult child had his feelings hurt when the teacher had responded to him negatively (difficult child has brown eyes) and difficult child said, "I think it stinks and I didn't learn anything at all". Apparently this had been a bad day for this teacher because at this point he ran crying from the class and asked another teacher to go in and discipline difficult child. He also made a few choice statments to difficult child along the way - I was never really told what they were. The teacher later called me and apologized - but difficult child was really the person he should have apolgized to...That was the day that I realized that the school just didn't "get" difficult child. This is because difficult child never got, and still doesn't get the way to "play the game". The "right" answer on that day (a compliment for the teacher) would have earned him an "A". But difficult child really doesn't know how to -or why you would -tell a "social lie". It's truly amazing how much trouble just that one inability can cause a person in life!
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    It sure sounds like compulsive behavior, like ADD. Or it could even be a Tic. Yelling out words can be a tic.

    Also, my difficult child does best with her ipod on. She brings it daily so she can get something done in study hall. Not during class and I would not allow it during a field trip that was part of the lesson being taught, but it can help an ADD kid to focus.