difficult child's therapist and psychiatrist appts.

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Yesterday we had an difficult child's therapist appointment. After hearing all that has been going on she wondered if maybe hospitalization would be a good idea even though he isn't as bad off as the last two times he was hospitalized. She was thinking why wait until he is.

Today we had difficult child's psychiatrist appointment. We filled him in on the violence and other strange behaviors. The other day difficult child told us he had forgot how to use the toilet for BMs. He has been sitting on the rim and getting his bottom wet. He was seriously asking what he should do-truly didn't know which I found very concerning. We also told him what therapist said about thinking he needed to be hospitalized.

He said he was concerned with difficult child's irrational thinking. He would like us to try increasing the Topomax at home and if we don't see improvement within 5-10 days we will have to look seriously at putting him in the hospital.

Hopefully we'll be seeing improvements soon. If not it looks like difficult child will be going into the hospital again.

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I respectfully agree with psychiatrist & therapist. difficult children levels of aggression are on the rise - nip this in the bud.

Hope the medication helps sooner rather than later.


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I also agree with the docs because of the violence. Hopefully the medication being upped will help you avoid that, but the family deserves to be safe.


Sharon, glad you have a plan in place.

Just one thought -- all anticonvulsant/mood stabilizers can cause cognitive dulling, but Topamax is notoriously bad in this area. Is there any chance that's contributing to difficult child's "strange behaviors"?

Good luck. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Thanks Ladies-I too agree it's good to have a plan and agree with the doctors on this. Sw-I even brought that up yesterday to psychiatrist. He said since he has been on this dosage for so long he didn't think it was the Topomax but with the increase we should let him know if he has any trouble retrieving words.


Sharon, I am so glad to hear you have a plan in place. Keeping my fingers crossed that the medication increase helps. :angel: