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    difficult child had a great session the other day. He is really making strides with-his fetish. I think a lot of it is the therapist. He's always been a very good behaviorist, but I had problems when he argued that difficult child did not have Asperger's. (Some of you may remember I quit going several mo's ago, in order to use that time to have difficult child tested, and I had husband go, which worked out even better.)

    One of the reasons difficult child opened up is because the dr. looked up famous sports figures who had fetishes and criminal convictions. He threw out a name to difficult child--someone husband had never heard of, but difficult child had--and said THIS is what happens when you take other people's underwear.
    It really worked. It was specific.
    Last yr at this time, the dr. would say things like, "You can get into big trouble doing that." Way too vague.
    See the difference?
    Well, difficult child did. And he started to talk. ;)

    The other thing the dr did was spend the first 10 min explaining why difficult child has to go to therapy instead of solving his own problems. He's going to have to do that every 3-6 mo's, in my humble opinion. :tongue: That helped a lot, too, because once you've got common ground, you can talk.

    They talked about very personal issues. difficult child was confused on some things, despite the age-appropriate book we gave him.

    difficult child was SO happy after that session, it was like a load had been lifted off of his shoulders.

    Two hrs later, he talked his head off at the psychiatrist's office. No issues, just happy chatting. We are trying Zoloft again, making sure he takes it in the a.m. so if it makes him manic, it will wear off slightly by bedtime. It's been 4 days. So far, so good.
    When I went out the door, the psychiatric raised her eyebrows and gave me the thumbs up. I don't know what she attributes it to, but I attribute it to the good therapy session difficult child had 2 hrs prior. :D

    Yesterday, since school was canceled, difficult child played with-some friends. They have air guns (difficult child doesn't have one). difficult child insisted on wearing his pj pants--red and gold Redskins pattern--and a hot pink hoodie. No socks. No coat. No gloves. :(:sick:
    He absolutely doesn't care what anyone thinks of his attire, or even if he freezes to death. Or whether he brushes his teeth or washes his armpits.

    So, once we get this fetish thing under control, we're going to work on his attitude toward me. Than, on to hygiene and appearance. One thing at a time.
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    Wow, Terry! That's such an encouraging post! Glad the therapist made some headway with difficult child. I hope this continues in the positive direction it's taking.

    I agree, work on one thing at a time. Hmmm... does the therapist see adults? I've got a husband that could use a breakthrough like that... :p
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    Good to hear such a positive report! Working on one thing at a time sounds like a good plan.
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    Yippee!! This is the greatest post I have read re your difficult child in a long time. I'm so happy to hear he's making strides. Very encouraging indeed!