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    difficult child did GREAT on our family trip. No sign of seperation anxiety or anxiety anxiety at all. He did throw up on the way home on Wednesday which may have been a stomach migrane.

    On Thursday he had a neurologist appointment in Fargo and we purchased a family pass to the Red River Zoo. It was a good day. When we returned home, it was just in time for his baseball game. He played well, the others did not and they lost so that put difficult child in a bad mood.

    We stayed close to home on Friday.

    On Saturday, difficult child was invited to join the neighbor boy to a long outting to a nearby state park for swimming, fishing, ect. His anxiety went way up at just the mention of it. We talked about it and decided to by pass the invite. The main reason we declined was that we did not know how late they would get home. Good thing we did. They were home too late for the boys to do their fireworks (very mild) AND neighbor boy ended up walking down the beach at a friend's place with a group of boys who set off some dangerous fireworks. difficult child would have been in that mix if I allowed him to go. Neighbor boy's mom was not happy about that adventure!

    So, last night, difficult child set off a few of his fireworks.

    Today, neighbor boy's mom said that if we showed up at a nearby beach, we could join her and another family in boat rides, swimming, ect. So, I took difficult child. The ect. included a gigantic inner tube that was pulled behind the boat. difficult child said he did not want to go on it but wanted a boat ride. When he left on the boat ride, I went into town to get a long neck lighter for the charcoal grill. When I returned, neighbor boy's mom said that difficult child is on the tube. I was assured that the driver will take it slow. The driver has hand signals for the riders to give to go faster, slow down, or stop.

    difficult child enjoyed the ride and when everyone came in off the lake, he asked for another tube ride. I held my breath and let him go. On the last pass, it appeared to me they were going way too fast and the tube was starting to tip side ways. I forced myself to be calm wondering if difficult child remembered which signals were which and if he was too afraid to use any of them. As the boat turned to come back, it looked so much like difficult child wiped out! I battled so hard to not go into panic mode. I don't care if he has a life jacket on - I do not want him in the water. PERIOD! The boat slowed down on approach and I could see that difficult child was still on the tube. Whew! difficult child came away feeling good about the experience (I didn't let on how overly worried I was. I just made a statement that it looked like he had fallen off.)

    The tube looked flatter though. Apparently, the seam blew out of it. I don't think I like tubes pulled behind boats! I take that back - I don't like my kids in tubes pulled behind boats.

    Tonight he and neighbor boy did their fireworks.

    It has been a good week and getting to work tomorrow will be a challenge for me!

    And P.S., when Diva mentioned going to a casino and I asked if a different neighbor lady and myself could come, she said, "yes" Diva said "YES!" to me joining her in something. Isn't that amazing? Not only did she say "yes", but she told neighbor boy's mom that the other lady and I would be joining her and a friend indicating that she really did intend on me joining her. Didn't happen (longer story - nothing bad, just natural chain of events) but the thought that she didn't use a nasty attitude to say, "no way!" has me flying high!
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    That sounds wonderful. I love a successful family outing. Glad he didn't wipe out on the tube.

    Could it be that Diva is growing some maturity?? Even in spurts, I'm sure you would love to see bits of the mature woman she can become. Hold onto the sweet memories.
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    What a good weekend. I'm glad difficult child had fun and didn't wipe out on the tube. I can just imagine how good it felt to have Diva be glad to have you along!!!!!
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    How awesome that difficult child was willing to try the tube ride! I am glad you did not show him your anxiety over him riding it. He did good!

    Diva - way cool that she was willing to be seen with you in public. Can you tell I have a 18 year old? LOL!