Dinner (fight) Time

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by babyblue31, May 27, 2008.

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    Well it's dinner time and I'm praying it goes good somedays it does and others it's a fight to the end.. But he likes chicken so hopefully he'll eat. I got my fingers crossed!! Today was a good day until he had to clean his room, which still isn't done. Some of you ask if I have some to watch him so I can get a break and the answer is no. I life in florida and all my family and friend are in OHIO.. Then only 2 hours until bed. It just can't come quiet fast enough.. be on later....
  2. Andy

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    I do so feel your fatigue. When easy child was a baby, I was a stay at home mom until she was almost 3 years old. I also had no one to leave her with whenever I needed. There were times when husband came home that I did say, "I am glad you are home. She is yours for now, I will be home shortly." I just needed a break and can't but imagine that your chances are so much less than mine? My husband is on the road a lot so there were weeks I did feel like a single mom with no end in sight. I can't see signatures in while replying. Did I see that there is a boyfriend? How is he with your son?

    When I started looking for day care, I had one lady say, "Just stay home and do day care like I did!" I thought, "You don't know me, if I was willing to stay home 24/7, I would." I interviewed for one job that asked what I did for stress relief. I honestly answered, "Go to Work". I have never in my life ever experienced the not-able-to-handle-this-stress as I do as a mom.

    Keep posting, we will do our best to help you through.
  3. Sara PA

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    I'm a bit confused about having a four year old clean his room. It's the second time you mentioned it. At best, a four year old can put his toys away without supervision. If there is a big mess of a lot of toys, the vast majority of kids couldn't do anything more than pick things up and dump them in a common container (which isn't cleaning up in my book, it's containing the mess in a smaller area). Four year olds still need help sorting and organizing. They really need a lot of instruction even about how to pick up toys, let alone clean a room.
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    Sara, I thought the same thing about room cleaning, but I wasn't sure if I was out of touch. I wouldn't even know that my kids could have put their toys away without supervision. Maybe with minimal supervision. You know, like "Put your stuffed animals on your bed please. That's great! Thank you! Now put away your cars, please."
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    I hope everything went well tonight....
  6. Big Bad Kitty

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    When Tink was 4, I tried to make clean up a game.

    "OK, who can put more things away first /put these away fastest /fill the box/bin/drawer first?"
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    You obviously couldn't open my second pm yesterday either so I'm going to give you the instructions here. If you are still unable to open my pms, reply on this thread and we will go from there.

    Click on User CP on the top left side of the screen. Go down to Private Messages, then click on List Messages. You should be able to open my pm's from yesterday and respond.

    Hope last evening was a little better as bedtime approached!

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    Thank you all it helps to talk.. My boyfriends good with him.