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    I sent an email to thank you's counselor at the middle school because he was very upset that he was falling behind in class and jsut couldn't remember everything or keep on top of things especially in World Studies. He had a 504 in elementary school for sensory integration disorder and dysgraphia, and his hands have been hurting at school and all evening at home because of the amount of writing he needs to do now (6th grade - first year of middle school).

    The 504 plan that I have states that they were ending Occupational Therapist (OT) and were going to get an alphasmart for him to use in 5th grade so he would be comfortable with it by middle school because the dysgraphia was going to be a real problem for him. husband did the 504 meeting the last two years because I was sick and couldn't go, but he brought me notes and the plan. He had no idea he signed to discharge the plan at the end of 4th grade, and neither did I.

    While I am not so happy with that, thank you had straight A's in 5th grade and far fewer absences than ever before - up through 3rd grade he missed at least 1 day a week due to sensory overload. 5th grade he didn't miss a day until January when he got a virus!

    I LIKE the counselor. She read my email, contacted his teachers and then took the time to go and observe him in class and between classes before contacting me. Way more than I expected, esp as both Wiz and Jess had huge problems in this school. Thankfully thank you has all different teachers and there is a new principal shaking things up!

    husband is pretty upset about the discharge of the 504 plan. He had NO idea that it was what he signed, he actually thought he only signed the form that said he was at the meeting. I am not so upset because no harm has come to thank you because of it. The counselor will get a new evaluation started if I insist and/or if he starts to have problems - even if those problems are just stress at home that is not seen at school. She seemed very aware that some kids are like that and that it means they need help just as if they fell apart at school every day. I NEVER thought I would say that about someone at this school.

    So that is how thank you's school is going - and I am just thrilled! NOT that he is having problems, or that the 504 was discharged, but that it is going so well and he seems happy there and that so far all is good and our options are open. This is FAR better than I expected this year!
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    YAY! Sounds like a great start to middle school! Would be nice if it went like that for everyone, but even one person's success story is wonderful!
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    Sounds wonderful! Here is to everyone of us having a story like this someday.
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    Glad the year is starting off well. Very glad that you have school support. Please tell your husband not to feel badly. Those annual school meetings are always rushed with a zillion papers...after awhile you just sign and go. It's a bit like a real estate closing or getting a new insurance policy. Ugh! DDD
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    I know how hard it is when things are going badly to remember that a good outcome is possible. I spent more than a few years worrying that Wiz' future would mostly be prison because his violent behaviors and obsessions. Glad that we can keep that light shining at the end of the tunnel.

    by the way, Wiz recently told husband that while he hated what we did when things were bad, sending him to a psychiatric hospital for 4 months, being so strict, limiting his electronic access, all the doctor appts and therapy appts, etc..., he is very grateful that we did it ALL, including removing him from our home at age 14. Now almost 20, he actually said out loud that if we hadn't he would probably be in prison or dead because his own violence to others got it turned on him or because he did something so bad that he couldn't live with it and killed himself. I have heard it from him in letters, and n round-about ways, but he has never before said it to husband.

    So they CAN mature and grow past it, and while it is so hard when it is bad, there can be positive results. Even if there are not, everyone here played a role in Wiz' current success and happiness. Without this family, my in real life family would be in a far worse place than we are. Even the newbies, because I was a newbie myself.
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    Wow, that's great! Fingers crossed that it continues. That is wonderful about Wiz, too. I'm reading your notes and hoping our path will be the same ...