disgusted....want to just cry


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I spent 5 1/2 hours this morning....(beautiful morning too)scanning pics in to make this dvd for husband's parents 60th birthday surprise. I also spent about 4 hours yesterday afternoon doing the same. All the pics, except for 30 <span style='font-size: 17pt'>are missing</span>. I kept scanning, but my easy child stopped and I had to restart. I just assumed they would still be there, because the program has an auto back up.

Ugh. hundreds of pics. Now I gotta start all over. What a waste of time. :sad:


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There's only ONE thing/person that can tick me off quicker than a frustrating computer.....guess what the one thing is??? I LOVE computers, but I'm tellin' ya, there is little else to compare the frustration to. Sorry you have to start over....wish I could help.


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Loth - just a thought from a totally computer illiterate person - have you checked for *.tmp files? When I used to work on my old *old* computer, it crashed on a regular basis, usually in the middle of a report. I finally figured out that the report that I was in the middle of when it died would get saved as a *.tmp file. Saved me mucho typing.

Maybe you could tell by date created (or whatever the right phrase is). Isn't there a way to search files by date modified or created?

Sorry you're pulling your hair out! Much as I love computers, they drive me out of my tree!!


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That's so annoying. I'm sorry, Loth. I hope they are there and you can find them. Poor you!!!



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I can imagine you are frustrated. Technology is great when it works. I know I have run into the brick wall often.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Don't know what you are using for a scanner, but you might look under that software in programs. If there is a manager of the device there might be backups somewhere in that file. I know it is a pain when you have done all that work and then its lost....</span>



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Well I spent another several hours scanning over a hundred photos in all afternoon and last night. I'm almost done. I have about another 50 or so to go. I kept stopping and saving, so that wouldn't happen again. I went through the photos and eliminated some, so I would have less to scan, since I'm just so sick of this project already. It'll be worth it in the end, though.


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Oh, no Loth!
I agree, the pics are there somewhere on your computer. Do you have anyone local you could call to help you locate them? A search by a knowledgable person would be much faster than redoing the whole thing.


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Too late, I'm almost done redoing them all. I asked my very saavy stepmom if she could retrieve them, she walked me through....they were gone. It has to do with the program holds all of them until I am ready to finish...then it sends it to the other program. My computer froze before I sent it to the other program and it lost the temp files, when I shut it down. I've been saving them every few scans now, so it doesn't happen again. I'll finish the rest of them tonight.