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    Okay so Eric is autis​tic , his absol​ute favor​ite Disne​y chara​cter is Buzz Light​year,:smile: he loves​ him, he can watch​ toy story​ over and over,:smile: and has. We do the line and after​ we get up to the car, they did not polit​ely ask me to go the all the way to the front​,:smile: they yelle​d it to me, from the end to the front​,:smile: which​ I cant becau​se Eric jumpe​d into one of the cars,:smile: and I had to get in with him.

    We finis​h the ride,:smile: and omg Buzz Light​year is at the carou​sel of progr​ess,:smile: so Eric see'*s him and makes​ a light​ening​ fast beeli​ne for Buzz,:smile: he start​s climb​ing the fence​ the secur​ity guard​ who saw me tryin​g to chase​ Eric,:smile: keeps​ screa​ming dont climb​ that,:smile: dont climb​ that,:smile: meanw​hile I am pryin​g him off the wall,:smile: the secur​ity still​ yelli​ng at me and not being​ very disne​y like at all, still​ tryin​g to pry Eric of the wall,:smile: I screa​m back,:smile: I'm tryin​g to stop him, he's autis​tic and there​ are peopl​e with disab​iliti​es you cant see, I final​ly pry him off, the secur​ity guard​ just stopp​ed in her track​s stunn​ed with this oh **** I ****e​d up look on her face.:smile: I was so pisse​d.:smile: If I had someo​ne to compl​ain to I would​.:smile:
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    Shame on that guard.

    Wouldn't "can I help you with your child" have sounded a lot better, not to mention gotten the situation under control a lot faster? Sheesh, give some people a badge and all of a sudden it's all about "I'm in charge".

    I'm sorry you and your son had to go through that. I hope he enjoyed his Buzz Lightyear, anyways!
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    You would think that security guards as well as all workers at family level facilities have to be kid friendly (as well as parent friendly). Yes, they have their job to do, however, being professional doesn't necessarly mean to be harsh.

    If you felt the guard handled the situation badly, write a letter to the facility. Direct it to Human Resources asking them to forward to proper supervisor. Or direct it to Supervisor of security. All workers need to be aware that visitors come from all backgrounds and abilities (or disabilities). I think that she could have seen you were trying to pull a kid down from, not push the kid over the fence. Workers need to know that when parents are frustrated they need support not critizism.
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    At least the guard was stopped in her tracks when you told her, so there is hope for her. But did she then give you a hand? Or was it all over by then?

    I'd be writing a general letter with ALL the issues you encountered. From the point of view of the staff, they probably see some appalling behaviour from kids who CAN be controlled. However, there are still far better ways of handling it, from a PR perspective.

    Purely out of possibly vindictive interest, a TV show in Australia a few years ago, "Race Around the World", was about a group of total amateur film-makers who won a place in a competition to travel the world (at the network's expense) on a tight budget and tight schedule, submitting stories from various locations. Can't remember the exact rules but I think they had to submit stories from each continent. Each submitted story was judged by a team of experienced tele-journalists and there were two prizes - for best single story submitted, and for overall top scorer.

    One particular entrant, John Safran, quickly became known as the bad boy. He would take risks, do the stories that nobody else dared to in the name of good taste. A lot of the time he scored badly because he had gone a bit too far. But he got the highest score for a single story (full marks) for his exposé on Disneyland. You may be able to find it on YouTube (I can't access it easily to search because for us, it costs too much). I think his story was titled, "The Happiest Kingdom of Them All?" (maybe without the "?"). He covered a number of contentious topics, including the pay rates for the staff. He tried to interview Snow White about her superannuation and health package - her reaction was priceless! (He also recently did a TV series titled "John Safran's Search for God?" about various religions of the world and how you get into them. And out again, when you need to leave in a hurry).

    For the record, I believe all the entrants have found good work in the industry.

    So if you're feeling jaded about Disneyland, look up John Safran, see if you can find his winning entry.