DisneyLand-the most Un-happiest place....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Hope your Holidays went well. As for mine, we went on this trip but might as well stayed home! We drove for 7 hours..my kids fighting in the back..hitting each other as well.Mid-point we stopped at a motel,THEY CONTINUED!!. Then next day -continued another 7 or so hours and we were there, still fighting. Next day, Disney! Wind was so bad, we left after 3 hours, kids fought. Next day, beautiful weather! Figured we'd stay until 7pm or so... since that was our last day. NOPE! My son decided he wanted to be angry all morning and kept hitting and kicking his sister in front of hundreds of people!!!!! They were there own side attraction for the other people, a show that everyone was starring at. :twister2:Then to keep making things worse, my son thought he was his own boss and could either run ahead or behind where we couldn't see him, mind you in Disney's massive crowds! Then, you can only imagine how it was at the gift shops with him! There were few moments that were nice don't get me wrong! We missed out on the best rides and shows! The way home my Daughter rode in front the whole way so it was better but my son still could not sit through any Denny's without kneeling on the seats, grabbing or pushing stuff off the table, yelling the entire 5 days at these restaurants! Uggh.. Of course the got many other wonderful gifts for Christmas and souvenirs from Disney, I'm wandering if they appreciate it?:sigh:
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    OH so sorry. You were trying to make such nice memories with them. HUGS....
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    I'm really sorry that things didn't go well, but, if it makes you feel any better, Disneyland can be a hard place even for PCs. When we took our daughter, she got sick in the sun and bored waiting for the long lines to get shorter and, yes, she complained and even got so worn out from walking in the sun that she started crying for no reason. She threw up on one ride....not sure which one. Honestly, we were glad when the day was over. I agree with Buddy...she puts things so well...you were trying to make wonderful memories, and I'm sure both kids will appreciate that and understand when they get older. But I think that most kids do better at smaller amusement parks. Add Christmas into the mix, and the kids are on overdrive.

    Hugs...and I am so sorry it did not turn out well.
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    Theme parks are hard on everyone. They'll appreciate it when they're older, more than they do now, so don't consider it a waste!
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    Thanks, I know not all would be perfect, just better then what they were.
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    Oh, your poor daughter! Yes, I do see that being hard on any child- especially there. I knew it wouldn't be easy for any of us, especially my son. He was having such a bad day,(I even have a picture of him next to an airplane there and you can just see the anger in his little face) :( I wish he could of at least not kicked his sister continuously though! Reminds me of when my dad took my sister and I to Sesame Place, then to a wax museum and attempted to go to a Bird Aviary. Well, little old me missed my grandparents so bad that I whined until we left, missing the birds! I wanted to turn back on the freeway, my dad said no, tough. Within 2 days after we left, the Aviary burned down! So ya, I do understand. Thanks!
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    I hope your right! I just feel bad that we couldn't do more stuff and the days were bad. But, like I told my son today," we need to find a way to calm him so we could of been longer there, at no time was kicking his sister ok". He said" I was mad at her, and I will if I want to." One day I pray a light goes off in his head to where he knows to calm down! Thanks!
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    I'm sorry your trip didn't go as well as expected. :( The first time we went to D-Land was when my oldest was 5 and it was such a draining day for him that he acted horrible the whole time. I felt really irritated with him because so many kids would love to get to go to Disney and don't get the chance and here he was sulking all day! We live fairly close to the theme park so we were lucky that we were able to go back again a year later and he behaved SO much better and we all had so much fun that we bought season passes. I'm sure your kids will still look back on the day as a good one and I'm sure they appreciate it, even if they don't realize it right now. :)
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    Thank you! That's what I was thinking, most kids are happy to be there! Hopefully if we do go again( I'm scared to try it) it would be better. I'm glad it worked out for you and the kids!I hope they will appreciate it one day.