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    Not long ago I was getting rid of some old medications of difficult child's (medications that didn't work, dosages he had outgrown, etc.) because I definitely didn't want them around the house, Know what I mean?? Anyway, I learned that they shouldn't just be flushed down the toilet as I had assumed. The FDA has guidelines for disposing of unused medications.

    I figured many of us are in the same situation, so I thought I'd share the info. Here's a link:

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    Thank you for posting this. :)
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    Thanks for posting this!! Flushed medications are creating quite a lot of problems with our groundwater. Some sources claim that all of the hormones from birth control pills that are flushed or are excreted in urine are building up and causing early puberty in our kids. Not sure I believe that it is causing that problem, but I am sure it is causing some problems!

    You might also check with your pharmacy to see if they will help you dispose of leftover medications. My fave pharmacist, C, volunteers at our free clinic every week. He will take unused medications that are in date and donate them to the clinic. There were special permits given for this, not sure how it was done, but it seems to be legal and above-board. I even get receipts for the donation for my taxes!! For the RETAIL cost of the items, not for the cost of my copay!! Some of the medications really add up.

    Just be aware that officially any medication is considered expired one year after it was dispensed. Individual medications may have a much longer shelf life but consumers are not given that date of expiration usually.
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    Not only that, but if you keep them and you have my brand of difficult child in the house, they tend to steal them.

    When it's a Schedule II medication (Concerta)... U-G-L-Y...

    THANK YOU for posting this - we have some old stuff.
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    I just took all of our old medications to the "leftover drug dropbox" at our local police station. I had hundreds of leftover pills due to all of the failed medication trials of the 4 kids. I was so glad to be able to get them out of the house.
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    Our local pharmacies take them. Since I'm there all the time, I've gotten to know all of the pharmacists - they were laughing when I brought them all of the ADHD medications and muscle relaxers. They said I was nuts because I could probably make as much as a mortgage payment if I just hung around the local high school for a couple of hours! They also said (on a more serious note!) that most of the Mom's just pop the adhd medications to keep things going OR to lose weight.

    If you think about it, that's a really sad statement about society.