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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    for an update on difficult child 1. She was assigned to him back in 5th grade when he was diagnosis'd with Crohn's and now she follows him to make sure he's getting the support he needs for whatever health issues are plaguing him. She gave me some good tips for handling his ADHD issues despite the school denying him the IEP last year and told me to simply request an addendum meeting if he starts to struggle and ask for additional supports. She makes it sound so easy, when it wasn't that easy last year to get anyone to listen. Maybe the staff at this school is easier to work with and she knows it? I guess we'll find out eventually.

    This morning she's sending an email out to all of difficult child 1's teachers to let them know about all his physical and mental health issues and that I'll be in contact via email if I notice any problems cropping up. I'm so happy to have her as an ally on the "inside".
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    That is so great! I love hearing this. Especially because our School Nurses are underpaid and they become burned out or bitter. It is nice to see that some still care and are actual advocates for our kids. :)
    Our Nurse will fight tooth and nail for "Her" kids as she puts it.
    She wasn't asked to come to K's IEP meeting by the staff, but because I was putting her down as a person for K to go to when she was unstable, I asked her to come and she did!
    The School nurse is so important for our kids I have discovered this past year.

    Good for yours!
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    I am glad she is able to help. School nurses have thankless jobs filled with paperwork more than patient care. It sounds like she is one of the really good one!

    Can you not get an IEP based on other health impaired? Seems like the Crohn's would easily have him qualify for that. Maybe something to look into, though you probably already have.

    I hope this new school is much better at dealing with his issues.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Susie, they did give him a "health plan", which is like an IEP for physical health issues. It only kicks in when he's having problems. The school district essentially adopted what I submitted verbatim. They wouldn't give him an IEP for the ADHD. They said he's not impaired "enough," and that it's just a motivation issue. :hammer: Gee, why didn't I think of that? I guess I just don't know what motivates my kid after 15 years....

    So far, I'm not aware of any academic issues (yet). I need to go online and check to see if his class assignments are posted yet. As of Monday, they weren't.