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    Well, I thought I would give you guys an update on the topic since the discussion was so "heated".
    I have talked about difficult child focus on his pipi, his sister's and what I've basically wrote on my other post. She was not real worried. She thinks it is intense curiosity and she said he needs to exhaust the topic. She said to get some kids books so he can learn everything he needs to learn on that. She also said to have a discussion about privacy and that this topic was only to be talked about at home and never at school, at the store or where else. She thinks it is just a phase. So far, the therapist has had only good advise and I see results in difficult child's behavior. I will follow her recomendation and see what happens.
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    That's what you're taking him there for! She's been giving good advice thus far, so I think your comfort level is key.

    Good job Mom!