Diva's journey home!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    What a day for Diva -

    I was so thankful that she made it to the 1st airport well ahead of schedule. Even though it was only 3 hours ahead - it seemed like forever.

    She got her ticket printed out (no access to a computer or printer within 24 hrs of flight so needed to do it at the airport).

    K dropped her off at the airport. "Aren't you staying for awhile?" "Nope, gotta go!" At least she got there in time - that was her first hurdle.

    Second hurdle - ticket got printed out but only one and she had a lay over. She was assured that it will be o.k. - she will get through without a 2nd ticket for the next leg. She did get home with just that one ticket.

    Third hurdle - plane left EARLY! - I am so glad she was there to board and take off when the plane did.

    Fourth hurdle - 2nd plane gets cancelled! Well, atleast she is in Minneapolis - a lot closer than Kansas City if we do need to go get her. Find out that they just switched the actual plane so her flight is still scheduled and on time.

    Fifth hurdle - The 2nd plane which was already overbooked was down graded from a 75 passenger to a 50 passenger. Should she try to stay on or get a later flight or have aunt pick her up and we go get her? (we need to see aunt soon to pick up a loveseat anyway). I decided that we can not go get her unless absolutely necessary and although she really wanted the $300 toward another flight, I told her that the top priority was to get home tonight. What a new experience for her to deal with cancellations and possible loosing of seat! She did very well - all on her own.

    Sixth hurdle - She did get to keep her seat on the original flight and headed toward Fargo where I was getting the oil changed in the vehicle. We found out that my front brakes were about to give out so I gave permission to have those changed. They were being worked on when Diva landed. She was NOT a happy camper. She had started out at an airport at 10:30 this morning and dealing with flights all day. She did NOT want to sit another 1/2 hr to 45 minutes waiting for the van. I told her tough - nothing we can do about it. She wished she would have opted for a later flight - maybe then we would have been ready to pick her up! LOL - Diva Diva Diva. I told her to stop being a Diva - nothing can get us out of this, just sit back and wait.

    Sixth hurdle gets solved by her calling husband's cousin's son to pick her up at the airport and bring her to where I was. I tell you, she is so creative - I thought about that but don't know the kid well enough to even suggest it. He fell for her pity story and brought his girlfriend to pick up Diva.

    By that time, the van was done. So, I took the kids out to supper - the least I can do for their help in dropping whatever they were doing and coming to her rescue. It was a very fun dinner. Lots of laughter.

    So, Diva is now home - well, atleast in town. She was out the door faster than she was in it. She really misses her friends and it looked like they were preparing a welcome back party for her as we drove by one of their homes.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Ahh, the fun of flying these days... NOT! Sounds a bit like my trip home from Cleveland ;)

    Glad she survived the trip and is back home safe! Hope she had a good time.
  3. ML

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    Wow! Despite a lot of hurdles she sailed though them all like a true diva. I'm proud of her. She is resourceful, creative and smart. These skills will help her alot in life. Hugs to her and to mom :)
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    Ya know - she really did very well to cope with all tat without blowing a gasket, and without losing track of everything she had to do. She kept a cool head, she got herself organised. I don't blame her being upset at having to wait around at the airport when she had finally reached the destination - of course I understand where you were coming form, but I can also see why she rang her second cousin. Very inventive of her. And you taking them out to dinner - it was a fun way to relax but it also shows her that you pay your debts to people who do kind things for you.

    All in all, it sounds like a very productive learning experience. I'm sorry she had such a rough time, but I'm very glad she coped well with it. She will do even better next time if she has to weather any more crises. And you know now that she can handle things a lot better than many other people.