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    Those of you that have had this dreadful disease - how long before the pain was completely gone? I have been on cipro and flagyl for a week and while there is some improvement, it is not all the way gone, yet. I am not in dreadful pain, more like a nagging one. It's not even constant anymore...seems to come and go. It just REALLY bothers me that it is still there. No fever and I am not sick. Maybe a little nauseaus at times, but not sick enough to go to the hospital.

    Went to the doctor this morning and he took me off the cipro but put me back on flagyl for another week. He felt the area and while it still hurt a little, not as bad as last week when he did that. I didn't want to punch him in the face this time. ;) I also have a little pain and tenderness on my right side now as well. GREAT!

    I am scared to DEATH that this will not go away and I will need surgery. I do NOT want surgery. I am crying just thinking about it.

    He also swears to only add more fiber to my diet. He said "keep things moving down there". But everything I read online says a clear liquid diet. I am thinking I may try the liquid diet to see if that helps, but I get sick when I don't eat. :(
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    My husband has this. I'm asking him.

    He told me it took about a week before he felt better, but about three weeks before he was 100%. His doctor told him to eat a low fiber diet, not a high fiber diet. He can't remember which antibiotic he was on, but I think it was Cipro. Hub has had three or four relapses, but the treatment does work in time. Do you see a gastroenterologist?
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    You are not supposed to do fiber until the flare up stops - Jello, mashed potatoes, eggs and, white bread, soup broth, chicken, fish - nothing which gives you a lot of energy so I did a lot of Ensure, and drink a lot of water. No coffee as it gets your intestines going, no corn, beans, nuts, fruits with seeds, fruits with skins. Try some peppermint tea and a heating pad, and of course, as little stress as possible LOL

    Cipro and Flagyl are the two drugs docs mainly use but taking them too long then you run the risk of a c diff infection.


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    My gma had this (years ago) and what marciemac says is what she was supposed to do. If at all possible get the doctor to send you to a gastroenterologist so that you have someone who is very familiar with this treating you. it will give you the best chance at avoiding surgery.

    i am sorry you are so sick and sore. (((((hugs)))))
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    Well I feel a big difference today but of course, I am super paranoid that it won't last. Yesterday I didn't eat much. I had oatmeal for breakfast, a half a sandwich for lunch and an egg on toast for dinner. I also started taking probiotics. I do plan on calling my insurance on Monday and finding a specialist. This is just not something I want to mess with. :-(
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    Followed the liquid diet for two days and slowly adding in low fiber stuff today. I am feeling better as the days go on so that must be a positive sign. Man, this just knocks you on your butt. Today is really the first day I have even an ounce of energy and for the first time, I slept all night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. I don't feel like I am carrying a basketball and the bloating is gone. Still feeling a little sore, but man alive, I don't ever want this back once it is gone for good!!
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    Thats good news :) Even though I have had the operation and re connect, I still have those pesky diver holes and will always and forever watch what I eat - unfortunately its never "gone for good" but if you maintain a healthy diet you won't have any more flare ups. But boy, do I miss popcorn - I wont even buy it anymore because when one of the boys make it, that lovely smell gets to me

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    PG - when you're back on top, you'll need to watch out for the stuff that tends to get caught in pockets. Marcie mentioned popcorn. Others that I know of are strawberries and raspberries (and related berries) - due to the tiny seeds, which tend to get caught. Corn, especially fresh or on the cob, is usually a problem, too. There's probably more...
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    I found a wonderful forum of people who suffer as well and wow, I learned a LOT. A lot of people who have had the colon resection report wonderful reviews. Not a single person regrets having it done. It has made me less scared if that is what the future holds for me. Anything must be better than dealing with this. This has reeally knocked me for a loop.

    My husband was thoughtful enough to have popcorn while I was out. I am going to miss it so much. And I love berries, too. And corn on the cobb! wah!!! :(
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    On line support groups are wonderful - I found one on FB of all places that helped me thru things LOL I don't regret having the operation either - that diver pain was the pits and it was actually the colonostphy that caused me to go in when they blew out one of the holes :( After the reconnect the only bad part is waiting for your system to remember what it is supposed to do and how that is supposed to work when it is supposed to do it because I guess you intestines don't have a long term memory

    Really am glad you are getting to feel better

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    Listen... there IS a way around the berries problem, but it's work, and you can't eat them whole... but it does work for use in smoothies, for on ice cream, to make home-made jam, etc. Get a METAL strainer with extremely fine mesh, and work the berries through the mesh with a wooden spoon. You should see all the seeds accumulate inside the mesh - and the pulp outside. (I had an auntie who refused to give up her berries and came up with this method...)
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    Thank you! I have heard that same thing happen to a few others. I hear if you have elective surgery it can be done in one surgery and no bag. I like that idea. The idea of a bag horrifies me to be honest. :(

    The constant pain is gone. I get little twinges here and there but they really seem to be decreasing frequency and severity each day now so I am starting to feel confident that I am on the mend. I have slept solid for the past two nights. Course, I will start feeling a little heaviness if I walk around too much or stand for too long, but I think rest is the key with this thing. If I try to do too much too soon, my body lets me know. :) Everything I read says it takes a few weeks to fully heal so I think now I just have to take care of myself...

    And I found this morning that I have thrush on my tongue from the anitbiotics. :( YAY.
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    That is a lot of work, but I love them so much it just may be worth it. :) Thanks for the tip!!