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    "phrasing" of reports, evaluations & IEPs, etc.

    I just signed off on kt's IEP & transition plan for next year. The IEP was okay - the transition plan was insulting to me as a parent.

    The words "student & teacher agreed, however mom strongly disagrees" with this statement or that in the report.

    I'd also like to know how "kt needs curb to curb busing due to her high vulnerability" & "kt needs to learn to utilize public transportation" jibe. (by the way, "mom strongly disagreed" to the public transportation idea while teacher & kt agreed.) Many parents, even parents of PCs, don't start the public transportation lessons, or many don't even allow their children on public transportation due to some of the dangers.

    "kt needs to continue to utilize PCAs because of her vulnerability in the community" & "kt needs to be out in the community on her own to develop confidence & friends of her own age"

    ("kt & teacher agree, mom strongly disagrees"). kt, while showing tremendous growth & maturity, is in no way ready to be out on her own. psychiatrist, therapist, in home therapist & CADI manager (she's in charge of risk management plan) all agree on that point.

    I wonder if kt & I sat down together & completed this survey if things would have been different. Hmmmmm.....

    I find this transition piece to be very contradictory & somewhat insulting to me as the parent. School deals with kt 6 out of 24 hours in a day. The kt at school isn't the kt at home or in the community.

    Transition planning, by law, is to start at 14 years of age in our SD.
    SD needs to get a clue. I'll be dealing with this at the start of ths coming school year.
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    Did you ask them to explain these things during the meeting?

    Seems like a bunch of BS to me, actually. I know IEP's are supposed to be a good thing to help the kid, but this one sounds like they needed some additional "stuff" to put in it.
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    I agree that sounds off. I wouldnt have signed it, I would have demanded an explanation. By signing it you are in a sense saying you agree with what they wrote. My SD may not like me and they did not want to even work with me but they did. My difficult child #1 is a very hard to deal with case. She is off the charts smart, but is lazy lazy lazy. So while she needs to be challenged or she is super bored; she cant be in GATE classes because she refuses to do the work. So next year she will be bored to tears and probably fail and be held back this time.
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    How people phrased things on reports, in charts and in records was ALWAYS a huge issue here. Seems WRAP, SASS, even respites reports, and for sure the IEP and other school records, these people here did not have a good grasp of written word at all, and things would show in the records in vague ways, or slanted or prejudicial, and they were not objective. THe next person who came along and who depended on these records for them to do their peice of the overall job would get really poor idea of everything. This was ne thing I was nonstop fighting, working to correct, struggling to change.
    Dureing our due processs hearing, school district lawyers were reading things from school records and our school had slipped in pages that we had officially discarded in their copies that they brought, where my copies were the revised ones. - becuz I would not sign and my advocate and or me made school change the wording of things etc. sd did not realize I would bring MY copies, of the CORRECT paperwork, and hearing officer when she got testimony from human beings orally, said whew, and she chewed out the school and accused them of slanting things in records on purpose.